Kortikal Falls – Complete Details

Kortikal waterfalls are located in both Kortikal and Bandam Ragadi villages. This waterfall is at a distance of 15 km from Kuntala waterfalls and nearly 15km distance from Nirmal, and at a distance of 230km from Hyderabad. 

The waterfalls are present next to a highway and it is a pleasant place to break one’s journey en route to the interiors of the Adilabad district. Although the waterfalls from a short height from the hill, it falls from the wide rock formation into a vast pool below. But, the water from the waterfall flows only during the monsoon season. During the rest of the year, you can only see the pool below with minimum or no water. As the water carries runoff from fields, it is usually quite muddy. The height of the waterfall is low at only 5 meters when compared with other waterfalls near the place. But, the flow of water will be high in peak monsoons. 

People who stop at this place, usually play and swim in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. But one should be careful while swimming as there are rocks underneath the water in the pool.  

Kortikal Fall is right next to the new four-lane NH 7 between the villages of Kortikal and Bandam Regadi. The waterfall is close to the point where the new highway meets the old NH 7 road from Nirmal. You can visit this waterfall in the months of (August – October) as the water flow is best in the monsoon. 


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