Why Food Courts Are Always on The Top Floor of The Mall

Food courts are a common and necessary option in any shopping mall across the globe. They offer a variety of food options at one time. But do you wonder why the food courts are always located on the top floor of the mall? Where ever you go to a mall, you will find food courts on the top floor. Let’s explore the reason behind this top floor. 

  • Well, a strong plan and strategy play an important role in the location and architecture of the food courts. The designers and developers of the mall plan the layout in such a way that their revenue gets maximized and creates a pleasant shopping experience for the customers. However, the food court located on the top floor attracts visitors to explore the upper part of malls and further areas which increases the sales parts if any stores and other things are located on the upper floors.
  • Secondly, the top floor of the mall is always the largest and most spacious place, which provides a good space for a food court. Additionally, by placing the food court on the top floor, designers can ensure that there is sufficient ventilation and air conditioning, which is essential in a space where food is being prepared and consumed.
  • Thirdly, developing the food court on the upper part of the mall also offers a spectacular view of the mall and the surrounding area. The visitors can have a panoramic view from the top of the floor which creates an ambiance.
  • Another reason why food courts are placed on the top floor of the mall is to encourage visitors to explore the mall. By placing the food court on the top floor, the visitors must pass through the other stores and attractions before reaching their destination.
  • Moreover, being on the top floor, opens the way to entertainment. Like most of the malls has entertainment zones as a part of the entertainment activities like cinemas, bowling, and arcades, and the entire gaming zone is located on the top part of the floor. As a result, a visitor and go right after the gaming zone to the food court for dining.
  • Apart from all these practical reasons, there are also psychological reasons behind the placement of food courts on the top floor of the mall. Studies and some researches have shown that shoppers are more likely to make purchases when they are hungry. By placing the food court on the top floor, the visitors become more hungry and therefore more susceptible to buying.
  • Well, it’s not like every mall has a food court located in the upper part. The food courts are not always located on the top floor of the mall. Some malls have food courts on the ground floor or even in the basement. However, these locations are usually in smaller malls or in malls where the design does not allow for a large food court on the top floor.

Conclusion– These are the main factors behind placing the food courts on the top floor. The top floor offers some advantages like offering amazing views of the mall, entertainment options, space, ventilation, and impulse buying which makes it an ideal location for a food court. 


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