YouTube Gets An Indian-American Neal Mohan as new CEO

YouTube Gets Indian-American Neal Mohan as new CEO
YouTube Gets Indian-American Neal Mohan as new CEO

Indians are now becoming famous one by one, now this news is creating sensations around the world. The new CEO of YouTube has announced and this is Indian-American CEO Neal Mohan will be the new YouTube CEO, the current head Susan Wojcicki has announced to step back after 25 years at the Google-owned company.

Currently, Mohan was the CPO, chief product officer, and became part of search google, the parent company of YouTube in 2008. Mohan and Wojcicki have worked together for almost 15 years. He became YouTube’s chief product officer (CPO) in 2015.

Today, after 25 years, she has decided to step back from the role of head of YouTube and start a new chapter with the family and personal projects. She has agreed with Sundar Pichai to continue with an advisory role across search Google and Alphabet. A. 

Wojcicki managed the marketing, led Google’s first Video, co-created Google Image Search, and Book search, as well as early parts of AdSense’s creation, worked on the YouTube and DoubleClick acquisitions, served as SVP of Ads, and for the past 9 years, was the CEO of YouTube.

Now Mohan will be the SVP and CEO of YouTube. As she has spent over 15 years of her career working with Mohan. He has set up a top-notch product and UX team, played very important roles in the launch of some of the biggest products, like YouTube Music, YouTube TV, Premium and Shorts, and has led the Trust and Safety team.

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