You Know Thousands of Tree Species Remain Undiscovered

There are around 9,200 tree species that are still yet to be discovered that are undiscovered species, most of them in the tropics. The forests are so wide and more mysterious than we could ever imagine. There are 3.04 trillion trees with almost half of them living in tropical or subtropical forests. According to the survey, there are approximately 400 trees for every human. Almost around 12,000 years ago, before the starting of agriculture, Earth had twice as many trees as it does now, in fact, there are tens of thousands of species.

The estimated count is around 9,200 trees that already exist in the research but most of the unknown species are said to be rare species. Also, scientists believe that a third of these unknown trees are said to be endangered. A variation of tall and short trees, bushes, lush green foliage, and grasses grows along the hillside area of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. Additionally, the tropical rainforest provides a cornucopia of vegetation.

Tree Species

They calculate the existing data and found that there are around 63,800 known tree species on the planet, with the greatest number of species residing in South America. The research team believes that 40% of undiscovered tree species can be found, and the continent’s flora has not had to adapt to sudden weather changes or environmental changes. But if the climate weather crisis brings more extreme change, the rare species of plants and trees will struggle to survive.

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It is in these more tropical and subtropical forests across South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania where researchers are more likely to find undiscovered species. For example, South America is home to 40 percent of the overall number of tree species. The team said that 3,900 tree species in this country have to be identified and are clustered in the diverse hot spots of the Amazon basin and the Andes-Amazon interface.

We do know that many species are going to be extinct, even some of the species are already extinct. We are also losing the forests, deforestation happens every day, and tons of trees are cut down for human needs. We have to make it stop so that the rare species can survive and we can protect them from being endangered.

According to new research, recently a new tropical tree species was discovered in Cameroon, the name is uvariopsis DiCaprio, which was named after the actor and well-known climate advocate Leonardo Di Caprio. The species is 4 meters tall, with bouquets of yellow and green flowers on its trunk, and the new species belongs to the ylang-ylang family.

Furthermore, the tree was discovered in the forests of Ebo, which is home to more than 40 indigenous communities of gorillas, forest elephants, and chimpanzees. Plants are named after the persons who have discovered and dedicated their lives to researching particular species.

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