You know Hundreds of Swimming Jaguars are underwater in South America’s Wetlands

Well, we have heard that some animals can swim in the water but have you heard that jaguars can swim in the water? I didn’t hear that before, so it is quite interesting to me to hear and write about it. Even this is quite new for me to hear about the fish-eating jaguars, yes right. We know that animals are eating other animals they hunt for their food, but this time we are hearing that jaguar is hunting the fish in the water. It is extremely unusual for scientists also.

As far as we familiar that, Jaguars are the largest cat species in the Americas and the third largest cat species in the world. Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world, that sprawls across Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay lives a different type of Jaguar they have adopted a diet of fish and aquatic reptiles over years.

Swimming Jaguars

Jaguars live there and can eat any type of small species they caught, including fish, frogs, mice, birds, sloths, and monkeys. Generally, they regularly eat adult caimans, deer, peccaries, capybaras, tapirs, dogs, and sometimes even anacondas they eat. The Jaguars have even been caught jumping into the ocean in Brazil to hunt for fish.

These big cats spend a huge part of their lives in finding food under deep water and searching for fish to eat in the wetlands. After on the land, they playfully clash with each other, a type of behavior and diet that is not seen previously in jaguars. After scientists in Brazil observed these behaviors in them, they immediately made a project to understand the behavior of jaguars in the area.

Swimming Jaguars

And for that, the team of researchers set up cameras in the forest to count the populations of Jaguar. They have found footprints on the riverside, even scratches on the trees. There is just an unbelievable presence of his apex predator everywhere. The research team has used 59 cameras to capture the population of jaguars, and more than 1500 videos they have received with 13 jaguars they have tracked with GPS collars. This data suggests that this is the highest density of Jaguars that have ever been recorded.

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The video footage showed the jaguars swimming and hunting for aquatic animals, and eating fish. More than half of the jaguar scat sampled had fish remains in them, which means these jaguars have mostly dependent on the fish diet of any big cat ever recorded. Even more, the collars revealed these jaguars spent a lot of time together hunting, fishing, playing, and socializing. Based on previous studies and research, this is extremely unusual behavior for jaguars who normally spend their lives alone.

Swimming Jaguars

The researchers said that there is a reason for their little evolution in diet and that might be the wetlands, as it is rich in biodiversity so there is so much food and vegetation around it, every possible resource is there so there is no cause for fighting or competition for the resources. But in the present time, due to climate change jaguars in Pantanal may face threats due to changes in climate, and deforestation.

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