You Know Gorgeous Homestays in Munnar to Feel the Terrain

Munnar, is a very popular location and a beautiful hill station situated in Kerala. It is located 1600 meters above sea level and is an amazing place for nature lovers. This place is damnn amazing and surrounded by tea gardens which are very perfect for your destinations. Well, people might look for good hotels many few people will think of the domes or the homestay, right? But homestays are always the good, best, and budgeted option to choose from. Even though some premium homestays are no less than hotels, it offers the same basic amenities as any other hotel. So why aren’t we choosing the homestays? Here this article is for those who are looking for staying in the best home stays within the budget.

So, if you are a tourist and looking for some good homestays then scroll down this article which will ease your search for good homestays.

Gorgeous Homestays in Munnar

1. Mistletoe Munnar– the perfect and beautiful place for you. It is one of the most premium homestays in Munnar with the best facilities and services. Even this homestay offers gives you a clear view of Chokramudi peak. This place has an in-house bakery, barbeque options, parks, and good rooms with personal balconies.

2. Royal Mist– this is a home set up homestay for tourists, perfectly looks like home in the idealist location. This place is the best for nature lovers because the location has a serene environment.  You can go for a nature walk, do a bonfire, and plan to barbeque also. This homestay is feeling more like a home, which makes this place a perfect place to stay.

3. Munnar Dreams– if you are looking for budget-free homestays then here is the place, Munnar Dreams is your option. Here you can get all luxury in your budget, which is standard for people. This place serves the best homemade food which makes you feel that you are at home enjoying food. The sunset is adorable here, you can see the sunset from this location.

4. The Shade– if you want to stay in a cozy environment then this is a place where you can stay. As the name suggests, the place provides you good ambiance, and quality food making this homestay a great place. The place has also a farmyard where you can smell the aroma of spices. It is a budget-friendly place where you can stay and enjoy your time.

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5. Mushroom Valley Homestay– so this homestay is one of the best homestays which provides you with a peaceful environment. If any one of you is looking for a place far from rush and crowdy places then this is for you. There are so many things nearby this homestay that you can easily visit like Mattupatty Dam, Echo Point, Elephant Arrival Spot, Namakkal Water Falls, Annaimudi View, etc. also this place provides the best food, and quite a friendly staff.

Choose any of these homestays to make yourself comfortable and more feels like home with the best views and food.

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