Without a visa, Desi Parents Attend a Wedding in the U.S.

Everyone knows that the number of visitors visa, student visas, and working visa applications have increased after the covid. This time it has surged to more than 5 lakhs, even more than that who have been waiting to meet their family for a long.

Many families are living in the US and they want to visit their home some wants to go to the US to visit their family, but since the number of visas is increasing day by day, the processing of visa is taking a very long time to give visas.

Here the news coming that, a man from Washington has decided to do what most people (Indians) are likes to do at their best. He came up with a plan for the wedding Jugad so that the bride’s parents can visit at the time of the wedding from Delhi. However, the bride’s parents will have to wait for a year to get the visitor visas because it is the time duration in India but a man named Sunil Dhar has already made an arrangement to make sure that the bride’s parents can attend the wedding without getting a US visa.

However, the wedding will take place in Blaine, Washington which is a building on the southern side of the park. Meanwhile, Sunil Dhar has decided to take place the wedding in Blaine, Washington near the Peace Arch monument that is located on the US-Canadian Border. The park is said to be a neutral zone, where people from both countries can meet without going through the immigration process. If the bride’s family applies for a visitor visa of the US, the waiting period in India to apply for these visas is nearly 1 year. The bride’s parents and the other family members or relatives, those who have Canadian visas, will enter in the park from the northern part of British Columbia.

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