WhatsApp may soon let users hide online status from everyone!

Technology: Hey, world! Some of the big news is going to come in the future update of the WhatsApp beta on Android, iOS, and Desktop.

WhatsApp may soon let users hide online status from everyone
WhatsApp may soon let users hide online status from everyone

Worldwide Encrypted messaging application WhatsApp, the Meta-owned platform is working on a new feature that will give iOS user’s ability to hide their online status or last seen from everyone. This feature will come in a future update because it is underdevelopment so that cannot be released to beta testers because it is not ready yet, according to the WABetaInfo.

At present, users can choose to display their Last Seen information to contacts, selected people, or nobody. In the future version of the app, the users of WhatsApp, to let follow a similar approach to the online toggle.

Over the years, many users have requested WhatsApp to hide their online status. We want our privacy, many people want to use WhatsApp without getting disturbed so that they can work or talk freely, With this new privacy function or feature, WhatsApp is also working on another important feature at the same time, that’s the ability to edit the message. Well, it has been quite a time, since the users started to delete the message on WhatsApp, but it did not bring the ability to edit them as we can do on telegram, to edit the whole message after sending it to anyone, or on the platform LinkedIn also.

Now, with this new feature, finally changing a future update. The ability to send messages on WhatsApp will be coming to another messaging app namely iMessage with iOS 16.

We do not know, when it will be released publicly, we will definitely update you as soon we receive any further information about this feature in the future or you can visit the main WAbetaInfo to know about the recent changes or any other updates in the future.

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