What to wear when traveling in India

When it is about to travel to India, people always think twice, that India is a religious country so they cannot wear western in India. but that’s not true at all, I know India is religious but India is also known for its tradition and culture. If you are traveling to India and would not wear Indian traditional clothes, the Indian specialty, your trip won’t be worth it. So, I would suggest you wear tradition with the western style, it would be an amazing combination. 

What to wear when traveling in India
What to wear when traveling in India

Just while traveling in India just only keep some points in mind, and one thing is for sure, is you cannot wear western style or too short clothes in any holy or religious places like temples, gurudwara, mosques, etc. let’s start with some guidelines on what to wear when traveling to India. 

  1. If you are in some western cities where the western culture is more like Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa, you can roam around with any type of dress as most foreigners do. But keep a note that if you are going to pay a visit to any religious places like temples, gurudwara, or mosques then must wear the Kurti with jeans, or palazzo or suits, anything in which your body is covered.
  2. If you are visiting in summer then make sure to have cotton clothes, it will make you feel better and would be very comfortable and ideal clothing. But the thing is, wear that type of clothes which makes you comfy because while you are traveling to the places the temperature would be high at that time and you will be uncomfortable with jeans in high summer at more than 45 degrees Celsius, so try trousers while exploring in hot summer.
  3. If you want to wear shorts here then you can go for it, also. But I would suggest you avoid shorts in such a highly crowded place. You can wear shorts anywhere in the city like the northern part of the country but have some safety also. But avoid too short lengthened clothes in which the body parts are exposed. It’s not like you cannot wear them here, you can but all is just about safety, so just avoid too short lengthened clothes in a crowded place for your safety.
  4. Well, if you are on your business trip then, remember in business India is more formal than the western countries. So, make it formal, wearing a shirt or jacket with a skirt would be worked. A simple attractive formal style would impress the people, and don’t get heavily dressed.
  5. If you are visiting the most traditional city of India means Rajasthan, which is known for its wide culture, then try to wear some Indian clothing, western would be fine there but the people of Rajasthan are somewhat conservative type so it’s better to wear some ethnic Indian style.
  6. Don’t forget to pick some comfortable shoes, because, in some places in India, the roads are not good, the potholes, paved roads or somewhere the sewage water runs freely throughout the roads and streets. So, it’s better to wear comfortable shoes to walk on those roads if you have to.
  7. One thing is, it’s the fact actually if you wear your western clothing here in India then some people like shopkeepers, beggars, some auto-rickshaws will make you fool because in you wearing style you won’t look Indian and they think you are a foreigner and make you fool by asking trips of the amount. They target these types of people. And when you are wearing Indian style then the people will have more respect for you because you are giving respect to the Indian culture by wearing it.
  8. While on a trip to India, don’t forget to wear the most ethnic wear and the traditional wear, Saree. Yes, if you go out for some function, or celebrate some festivals then must try Saree.  The most famous traditional wear of the country. You will need help for wearing it, so ask any female neighbor for help and wear it. 

Here I have mentioned what to wear while traveling to India. just keep some safety points in your mind and feel free to travel anywhere. We are most welcoming you to our country.

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