Ways to Beat the Summer Heat That Are Simple and Effective

Beat the Summer Heat

The days are long gone when the maximum temperature for heating summer was 30 degrees considered to be the hottest weather. Ut, as we know the temperature of the planet Earth is continuously increasing every year, resulting the global warming so the climate is changing rapidly and increasing the temperature every year. Temperatures rise to 49-50 degrees when the sun is over the head. In this article, we are going to mention some ways to beat the summer, to deal with the heat wave.

  1. Avoid large protein-rich meals- you should avoid large meals full of protein-rich meals because high proteins rich food during the summer can increase the stomach heat and increase the heat in the body. If you want to take protein-rich foods, then try out the shakes that are rich in proteins. At least it will help you to make your stomach cooler.
  2. Use a hot water bottle- you must be thinking that, are you kidding? At 50 degrees temperature, how can we use hot water? Well, wait just take a hot water regular bottle and fill it with ice-cold water and place it under your knees, or stomach, or wherever you want for chilling, as the chilling spreads across your body.
  3. Make everything mintier- mint is known for its coolness, and the different varieties of mint are available in the market, just eat mints after your dinner or add mints to your water. Even get your hands on a mint-scented air freshener. One of the ways to keep yourself cool in the heating summer.
  4. Stay hydrated- everything will suggest you, keep yourself hydrated otherwise maybe you will fall down due to dehydration. It is important to maintain your body water needs by drinking water regularly. Dehydration can cause weakness, fatigue, and other illnesses in extreme circumstances.
  5. Cool yourself off with water- if you are feeling that much hot, take a cold-water shower to reduce the body temperature. This commonly happens during the summertime when the temperature exceeds the limits. Just take a shower in this situation, and place it on your forehead or shoulders to feel more relaxed and release the stress. In this way, it will help you to make you feel freshened.
  6. Move to the lower level- if you are staying on the upper level then you might feel very hot and the room is also experiencing the same temperature. So, it is better to get down to the lower level because of the coolness. As lower the floor, the more the coolness it is. Or if you are on h higher floor, then make sure to close all the doors and windows in the afternoon times, because the hot air and heat will directly come into your home.
  7. Ac or Fan- if you just switched on the AC, make sure to on the fan also, because the fan can be great for pushing the warm air out of your home and letting the cool air settle in.
  8. Wear appropriate clothing: when you are not a summer person then you must dress accordingly. Choose cotton clothing instead of other materials, and also wear extremely light clothes because they reflect the Sun’s radiation while dark colors have the tendency to absorb heat.

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