Vykuntapuram Temple in Sangareddy – Complete Details

Vykuntapuram Temple

Vykuntapuram temple is located in Sangareddy, Telangana. The temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Srimannarayana Swamy ( Lord Venkateshwara). Devotees from different regions of the state come here for the darshan of Sri Lord Venkateshwara. The Ambiance in the temple is no less than the Tirupathi and makes you feel like you are in the Tirupathi temple.

The Idol of Lord Venkateshwara Swamy in Sangareddy temple is similar to the one in Tirumala with 3 muka Dhwaras. The temple is fully packed with devotees who come for darshan, especially on Saturdays, Public holidays, and festival days. Vykuntapuram temple in Sangareddy is a beautiful temple with a peaceful ambiance and is a must to visit when you come across this Sangareddy city.

History of Sri Vykuntapuram Temple

Around 600 years ago, Narayana was in the form of a saint. He evolves as Vaikuntapuramu Sri Venkateshwara at this holy place. In south India, where ever, Lord Venkateshwara or Lord Sri Krishna, or Sri Rama are installed, to describe that Idol we need to understand the song which was written by Annamacharya. That song is “Andariki Abhayyammulu ichu cheyi, kanduvagu manchi bangaru cheyi”.

The song describes the lord that the Idol evolved with at most beauty with a smiling face, Golden Hand (Abhaya Hastam), Golden Chest Armour, and Golden Thirunamam. All devotees who arrived at that location were blessed by seeing that beautiful Idol. They Installed that Idol in that newly constructed temple. From then, the greatness of this temple was spread across the state and county.

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