Visit top 7 Places to Visit in Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar is a well-known town in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka. Murdeshwar is another name for the Hindu god Shiva which is very Famous for the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue, the town lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is also famous for the Murudeshwar Temple. There are couples of places that you would like to visit in Murdeshwar.

1. Shri Murudeshwar Temple– When it comes to the list of the topmost tourist attractions in Murdeshwar, then there is Shri Murudeshwar Temple which comes tops on the list. The holy temple of Shri Murdeshwar is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is famous for the world’s second tallest shiva statues, yes maybe it blows your mind, and surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Shri Murudeshwar Temple not only provides opportunities for devotees to seek blessings from God but also enables them to spend some blissful time to mesmerizing the beautiful landscapes.

Shri Murudeshwar Temple

2. Netrani Island– this is a heart-shaped island surrounded by the Arabian Sea, which can be visited from Murudeshwar through a 19-km boat ride. The crystal-clear waters of Netrani Island are absolutely good and perfect for scuba diving. If you are an adventure lover then you must not let this opportunity go, Netrani Island is home to plenty of marine diversity, such as triggerfish, corals, butterflyfish, shrimps, eels, and parrotfish. And adventure lovers can explore snorkeling and other diving activities here.

Netrani Island

3. Kethapayya Narayan Temple– the Kethapayya Narayana Temple reflects the architecture style of the Vijayanagara Empire. There are several engravings and sculptures of the Vijayanagara kingdom that can be seen at this temple. A Navaranga, which is a four-pillared hypostyle hall, also has been constructed here and is surrounded by statues of Ashta Dikpalaka from the eight sides. Tourists can see various mythological and epic stories that include tales of Vanavasa, Ramayana, Rama Pattabhisheka, and Putra Kameshti which are engraved on the temple wall. At the temple entrance, a large flag pillar, also called dhwajasthambha, is present to add to the beauty of the temple.

Kethapayya Narayan Temple

4. Statue Park– statue Park, is an awe-inspiring park that is home to well-maintained lawns with picturesque flowers and the popular Lord Shiva Statue which is the second tallest statue in the world. Moreover, the statue park has some beautiful history and some proof related to that can be seen in the park, the mesmerizing stone sculptures and a breathtaking artificial waterfall would definitely blow your mind. In short, the beauty, grandeur, and ambiance create a magnificent beauty in the entire place. In simple words, just want to say that your journey to Murudeshwar would be incomplete without exploring the beautiful Statue Park.

Statue Park

5. Murudeshwar Beach– did you ever seen any beaches? Not in a lifetime? Well, I am not thinking that you are the one but many 5 out of 100 didn’t explore any beaches so, here if you are going to Murudeshwar then must visit the Murudeshwar beach. Murudeshwar Beach is a perfect picnic spot to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, if you are an adventure lover then there are a lot of water adventure activities that you can do. Even, if anyone is looking for some birdwatching opportunities then on the beach they can go. This is the place that will pacify your mind and soul. The best part is the contrasting views of sunset with sparkling sea waves, not to be missed out during the sunset.

Murudeshwar Beach

6. Murudeshwar Fort– One of the best tourist attractions in Murudeshwar is Murudeshwar Fort. Well, I am not expecting but did you know Murudeshwar Fort got famous during the age-old Vijayanagara period? During the 15th century, this marvelous architecture was founded by the kings of Vijayanagara. Nonetheless, Tipu Sultan, who was the ruler of Mysore, restructured the fort after it was founded and built. You would get to view this incredible architecture of the bygone eras via exploring the picturesque Murudeshwar Fort. The ancient place is home to beautiful mesmerizing paintings, incredible artworks, and a series of breathtaking sculptures on the walls. Murudeshwar Fort has the advantage of being located in an attractive location. Being snuggled straight behind the auspicious temple, Murudeshwar Fort becomes one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in this religious town of Murudeshwar. Moreover, Murudeshwar Fort is very easily accessible by every mode of transportation.

Murudeshwar Fort

7. Jamia Masjid- do you know Jamia Masjid is among the most ancient mosques in Murudeshwar and one of the most attractive places? Moreover, it is a holy place and is one of the most well-renowned tourist attractions in Murudeshwar. This 3-storied architectural mosque represents the glory and the rich history of the bygone era. It is located in Bhatkal town, Jamia Masjid attracts tourists from all across the world to seek blessings from Almighty God. Must visit this place while you are exploring the Murdeshwar.

Jamia Masjid

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