Visit the Popular Jannaram Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiger is one of the animals whose species are continuously decreasing from the Earth and are now listed as endangered species. So, to protect the further tiger species from the country, the Indian government started an initiative to protect the tiger and built different sanctuaries.

The Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is in the forests of the Mancherial district of Telangana state. As this is the 42nd tiger reserve forest in the country which was created in 2012. Well, in this sanctuary there are about 20 tigers approximately. The Kawal Wildlife sanctuary is the house of various animals and different varieties of flora and fauna can be seen here. This is the must-visit place in the state of Telangana if you want to see the wild animals and natural habitat.

The place of Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary was a very popular site for hunting until 1965. And after that, it was a reserve that encouraged hunting in a controlled manner. It was only later under the Wildlife Protection Act was declared as a sanctuary in 1972. After this, the area was divided into six ranges: Kadam, Pembi, Jannaram, Indanpally, Tadlapet, and Birsaipet, and in 2012, the sanctuary was declared a tiger reserve.

Jannaram Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary provides you with a beautiful view of nature, this is full of adventure and natural things, and a lot of thrilling experiences there. There are thousands of tourists visit to see the wild animal kingdoms and to see the beauty of nature.

Kawal wildlife sanctuary is fulfilled with dense green lush forests with teak, bamboo, and other varieties of trees are present there. During summer, the temperature of the Kawal wildlife sanctuary touches the high temperature, hot and dry climate. But during the time of monsoon season from June to September, the view is bliss, and the view of the forest is beautiful, even the winter season is also the perfect season to visit the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is the house of many animal species like Sambar, Cheetal, Nilgai, Sloth, Bear, Indian Bison, Panther, Barking deer, and tiger. Even there are also reptile animals like crocodiles, pythons, monitors, star tortoises, lizards, cobras, and others. Tourists can also experience jeep safaris, and bird-watching trips to spot several rare animals in their habitat.

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According to the forest department, the safari vehicle would travel in the forests for 15 kilometers. Tanks, streams, watch towers, machans, and birding spots will be covered in the safari. The jungle safari will teach the tourists about the flora and fauna of the reserve, and also entertain them. The forest department has collaborated with the tourism department to reintroduce the service. Tourists and visitors need to pay Rs 2,000 for hiring a vehicle or riding service are Rs 350 per head.

The safari vehicles will start carrying tourists in the forest from 6 am to 10.30 am and 4 pm to 6 pm a day, the Bison Kunta, the watch tower at Malyal, and many other spots could be covered with the help of the ride, this is the best opportunity for nature lovers to get a chance to see the wild animals and photograph them.

Kawal wildlife sanctuary was declared a tiger reserve without the presence of even a single wild cat only because it had the potential of regaining its past glory. It’s spreaded in an area of 893 sq. km of a dense tropical deciduous forest to which about 1,120 sq. km of the area was added subsequently.

However, this is the proper conservation of the place there is a huge possibility of tigers that are migrating from Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve in the Chandrapur forests in the Adilabad district to their once good habitat of Kawal. And this tiger would have come from the TATR and traveled across the Malini, Asifabad, Tiryani in Sirpur before coming down the hilly range into KTR.

As tigers continuously change their place during the seasons so they need a completely safe habitat to become native and the government also needs to look into the matter of making the habitat safer which involves the voluntary relocation of villages to cut down human interference inside the forests. The danger that comes from anthropogenic disturbance to the survival of the tigers has been stressed in many aspects, hence conducted at different Tiger Reserves across the country.

The villagers of Dongapalli, Alinagar, Malial, Maisampet, and Rampur located in the main important area of KTR and want to be relocated. But the issue is the decrease in the population of prey animals. Though the animal census figures have not been released yet, the population of hoofed and wild pigs decreased in 2014 to 4,300 and 2,500 from 6,000 each in 2013.

The geography of the Wildlife sanctuary is, location of sanctuary makes it a corridor that is connecting the southern forests of Andhra Pradesh and the forests of Maharashtra which are connected to the forests in the Vidharba region. The main source of water for this area is the Kadam reservoir.

How to reach from Hyderabad?

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is 300 kilometers the North of Hyderabad. One can reach the wildlife sanctuary by road and three routes lead to it from the city. One goes via SH 1 – SH 7 which is 255 kilometers from Hyderabad, the second is via AH 43, 291 kilometers, and the third route via NH 163 – SH 7 which is 310 kilometers from Hyderabad.

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