Visit the perfect Tourist Destination Pamban Bridge and Island in Tamilnadu

The Pamban Bridge is located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram. Rameswaram is an island that connects to mainland India through this old sea bridge. The bridge is located 14.8km from the Rameswaram bus stand you can reach the bridge by taking government transport or hiring private vehicles. Even though, anyone can take the rail or road route which runs parallel to the bridge.

The Pamban Bridge is a century-old, 100-year-old bridge. This is not just a bridge, it is a major tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu that left you wondering, how beautiful the bridge is. It is surrounded by pristine blue waters till far as your eyes can see, this bridge is 1 meter wide and 2.5km long. The narrowness of this bridge and the beauty around make your train journey no less than an adventure. With 143 piers, spanning almost 2km between the mainland and the island, the Pamban bridge is the second longest sea bridge in the country of India.

Let’s talk about some facts about Pamban Bridge. The fact is, this is a 100-year-old bridge, as it was built in 1911 and publicly opened in 1914. And in 2007 the railway line on the Pamban bridge was converted from a meter gauge to a broad gauge. Furthermore, the Central part of the bridge is the 114th span which is the midway along the bridge, is called the Scherzer span and it opens up to allow ferry movement.

Pamban Bridge and Island

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This bridge is best known to survive a major cyclone in 1964 that demolish the thriving port town of Dhanush Kodi. Pamban bridge is a cantilever bridge, it has the structures that project horizontally into space, which is supported by only one end. But the cyclone in 1964 led to a tragic train accident, after that Indian Railways installed devices to check the wind velocity across the Pamban via the duct. Train movement is stopped on the bridge when the wind speed exceeds the speed of 58kmph.

How to reach? There are 3 ways, by Air, by train, and by road.

By Air– The nearest airport is Madurai which is around 120 km distance from Ramanathapuram. Thoothukudi is another airport that is around 145 km distance from Ramanathapuram.

By Train– the nearest railway station is Rameswaram which is around 1.3 km from the Ramanathaswamy temple.

By Road– there are lots of public transport available from Rameswaram.

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