Visit Gayathri Waterfalls is the best tourist spot

Gayathri Waterfalls is located in the Adilabad district of Telangana. Well, this is the place that most people don’t know which is why it is a less visited and less crowded waterfall in the country. Gayathri waterfall is situated on the Kadem River which is a tributary of the Godavari River.

The waterfall is also known by the name of Gadida Gundam or Mukti Gundam by the locals of the village. This waterfall is also deep inside the dense thick forest of Khurd village and falls from a height of 100 feet offering a magnificent view. When the waterfall is falling, it made a pool at the bottom where visitors can swim in the freshwater.  

The Gayatri waterfalls are very less crowded and less known water bodies in this area situated on the Kadam River. There are many unexplored habitats residing inside his deep forest at a distance of 5km from Tarnam Khurd village, near Neredigonda of the Adilabad district.

Gayathri Waterfalls

How to reach?

Well, to reach the location, Neredigonda is 253 km from Hyderabad, 5 km from Tarnam Khurd Village, 38 km from Nirmal, 19 km from Kuntala Waterfalls, 59 km from Adilabad and after coming to a village called Kupti there you will find a signboard to drive further. Even you can reach by vehicle to Tarnam town but from there you need to trek for about 5 kilometers to reach the waterfall.

Trek to the waterfalls is a moderate-level trek and the best time to visit the fall is post-monsoon during October to November month.

By Air– The nearest airport is Hyderabad or Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

By train- the nearest railway station is Adilabad.

By road– by road, the waterfall is located at a distance of 5 km from Tarnam Khurd Village, 19 km from Kuntala Waterfalls, 38 km from Nirmal, 59 km from Adilabad, and 270km from Hyderabad.

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