Visit best tourist spot Kanakai Waterfalls

Kanakai Waterfalls is situated in the small village of Girnur, Bazarhatnoor Mandal, Adilabad District of Telangana. The waterfalls are also known as Kanakadurga waterfalls because it has a temple of Goddess Durga close to the waterfalls and it has a quite rich history. A huge number of devotees come from nearby places and villages to visit the temple during the festivals.

Once you reach the waterfall or temple, the place is the house of different types of birds which are rare in cities. The road or trek is beautiful and you will notice the rock formation during this path trek. However, at the end of this beautiful waterfall, the water stream becomes narrow.

There is also a huge water pool under it, where you can do swimming as it offers you the best swimming experience. And you can enjoy the panoramic view of the forest and waterfall there. The water falls from a height of 30 feet and the best time to visit this waterfall is during the month of August to October.

Not just Kanakai waterfalls, there are other 3 waterfalls situated there. the first waterfall is a very small fall that flows through the rock formations and falls from a height of 10 feet. The second waterfall called Bandrev Waterfall is about 1km from the actual Kanakai waterfall and falls from a height of 30 feet with a width of 100 feet. Then this water merges with the Kadem River. The third waterfall is known as Cheekati Gundam waterfall which is just a few hundred meters away from the second waterfall and is covered with a dense, thick forest and rock formations.

How to reach?

Ichoda is located at a distance of 272 km from Hyderabad and reaches the village of Girnur. After driving 1 Km from Girnur village, there is a sign that indicates you to drive further to reach the Kanakadurga temple and waterfalls. From the temple, you need to go by walk to reach the waterfall.

It is to be noted that, there are no shops nearby so carry your snacks or food and drinking water if you are planning to stay at the waterfalls for a longer duration of time.

Things to do-

Trekking- if you are an adventure lover then you will love trekking and hiking. Well, this trek will offer you lots of adventure walking surrounded by green thick and dense forest. This will be a great experience that this trek offers so take a camera with you to capture the beautiful surroundings.

Kanaka Durga Temple- this place is just not a holiday destination; it is also a religious place. There is a temple near the falls known as Kanaka Durga temple which is very famous among the locals. Hundreds of tourists and devotees offer their prayers to the temple. There is a lot of rush when locals and villagers visit the temple on some occasions.

The water pool– there is a water pool inside the waterfall when it comes down. One can have the best swimming experience there and an exceptional experience for the tourists.

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