Visit A famous Piligrams Kolanupaka Jain Temple – A 2000 Years Old Jain Temple of Telangana

Kolanupakka is a small village located in the Aler town of Telangana state. There is a 2000-year-old temple situated in this village is known as the Kolanupakka Jain temple. The temple is located at a distance of 77 – 80km from Hyderabad city and is considered one of the oldest Jain temples. The temple is the home of three main idols namely, Lord Rishabh, Lord Neminath, and Lord Mahaveer.

The religion Jainism came to Telangana state around the 4th century AD. The Jaina movement started from the days of the Satavahana and picked up speed under the rule of the Rashtrakutas. Even many coins or currencies have been discovered from different locations indicating the existence of a relationship between Jain monks and Telugu rulers. And it was the time when Kolanupakka emerged as one of the prominent centers of Jainism.

Furthermore, in the Kolanupakka Jain Temple, it is said that, when Ravana kidnapped the Goddess Sita, then he instructed his wife Mandodari to immerse the Jinneshwar idol, whom she worshipped in the sea. A few years later, Shankar, a king of Karnataka receives an oracle to bring up the idol to protect his country from an epidemic scenario. And in this process, with the help of rituals, he brings out the idol from the sea. When he was on his way back to his country he took a halt at some place called Kolanupakka, and there he feels some obstacle, he is unable to move the idol further. It is believed that it was the divine power the king decides to build a magnificent temple around the idol in Kolanupakka. Since then, the Kolanupakka temple was established.

Kolanupaka Jain Temple

You know, Lord Rishabh was the first of the Jain Tirthankaras. Kolanupakka Jain temples are the houses of Jain idols and among all, Lord Rishabh was considered to be the first Tirthankaras. The temple also portrays the other Tirthankaras on either side. But the most fascinating thing is that, the 51 inches tall statue of Mahaveer. The idol is made up of a single piece of Jade and is intense in execution. The statue has an awakened crest jewel of consciousness between the eyes and an adamant heart charka. The temple used red sandstone and white marble to build the stylistic aspects of its interiors. The entrance of the temple is bound by Lord Simandar Swami and Mata Padmavati. The most beautiful piece of art within the temple is the huge stained-glass window that represents the Jain guru Parshvanath. Even the temple roof is filled with carvings or stained-glass paintings.

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The village Kolanupakka got its name from the presence of several small huts and lakes that used to abound in the area at one point in time. In the Telugu language, Kolanu means lakes, and pakka means huts. Kolanupakka area is famous for several other temples like the Shri Veera Narayana Temple and Shri Someshwara Temple.

If you are looking to explore this place, then these are some special Attractions of the village. There is a big statue of Mahaveera which is made up of a single piece of Jade stone and is a major attraction for tourists and visitors. Another, the Kolanupakka is a religious site that has rich historical significance. The Jain temple is one of the most popular places to explore if you are in the village.

Where the Kolanupakka Jain Temple is located? Well, it is located at a distance of 7 Kms from Aler and 78-80 Kms from Hyderabad.

How to reach the temple?

There are a few following ways to reach the temple.

First, Aler is well connected with all the cities of Telangana like Hyderabad but the majority of the trains connected with Secunderabad to Kazipet stop at Aler.

Secondly, Aler is also well connected with bus facilities from Hyderabad and Warangal. There are frequent buses from Hyderabad city to Warangal that go via Aler, so one can reach the temple.

Third, The Kolanupakka temple is located at a distance of 7 km from Aler town. so, after reaching the Aler, one can hire a private taxi or can take a local auto or Tonga to reach the temple.

The Nearest Railway Station to the temple is- Aler Railway Station which is very near to the temple.

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