Visit 5 Houseboats in Alleppey that will impulse you to travel

Alleppey, the famous name of the country with a beautiful place you must have heard before. Alleppey is located in the South Indian state of Kerala. Well, you know earlier the city is known by the name of Alappuzha which is named by the Britishers. Alleppey has also won the Holiday IQ better holiday Award for India’s favorite Waterfront destination, sounds cool na? You know, the city has also called the Venice of East, which is named by the Viceroy of the British Indian empire, Lord Curzon, centuries ago.

Moreover, Alleppey is most famous for Kerala’s backwaters and is one of the most popular cities in India. The large network of waterways has thousands of houseboats. Ooh yes, houseboats, are the favorites of most of us. Houseboats make you feel like you are at home and in the middle of the water with having a cup of tea in the middle of nowhere. Sounds dramatic, right? If you want to enjoy the view of the backwater, just take a houseboat and start enjoying the views.

However, the beauty of the place will make you fall in love with and you mesmerized by its beauty, its actual heaven. Here are some of the famous houseboats in Alleppey in which you can travel the backwaters and enjoy the views.

Houseboats in Alleppey

1. Aqua Holidays Candle Light Dinner– this sounds like a place but trust me it’s a houseboat that fails the luxury hotels and having a candlelight dinner at this place. This is the perfect houseboat for the couple. the view from the houseboat is stunning, and the food and everything are just amazing here. You need to be an early riser to see the actual beauty and stay in this houseboat, who wants to enjoy nature.

2. Elisha for the young people– young people can opt for this houseboat, I mean this houseboat is with three bedrooms and a huge kitchen. The boat has all the modern luxury equipment for your needs. You need to be on time at the time of check-in and for the check-out also, because they are very punctual of time. You can enjoy the serene beauty of this place and the stunning view of the backwaters.

3. Ben’s Houseboat for food lovers– here, comes the most loved place for all food lovers. This place has a beautiful interior with all the luxuries around it. The best thing about this boat is the food, what delicious food they provide, also offers the best hospitality. The rooms are so big like the hotels with attached bathrooms along with all the modern facilities.

4. Xandri Riverscapes a place of comfort– this boat has an amazing interior full of paintings, lamps, and traditional things are there. They have some indoor games facilities like carom and other games which you can play in your free time. For check-in and checkout, you must be on time. Also, they offer you a complimentary breakfast.

5. Citrus Backwater Spa a treat for the senses– as the name is luxurious as the houseboat is. The cruise is attractive and as well as the rooms are. The culture on the boat is purely ethnic and something worth seeing, and worth visiting. The food is been cooked on the boat is amazing, I will give ten by ten. Thinking you are staying the night surrounded by full of water, is literally amazing and mesmerizing.

In the above-mentioned houseboats, you will get the best experience of your life, which is unforgettable. do once visit the Alleppey and have a great experience of backwaters, that you wont regret.

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