Vishwak Sen Strong reply to to Arjun Sarja’s press conference and Allegation

The other day Senior Actor and director made some shocking allegations on Vishwak sen and his attitude. It is wall known then Vishwak Sen was suposed to a movie under Arjun Sarja’s direction in Which Aishwarya Arjun set to play the femal lead.

Vishwak Sen reacts on allegations made by Arjun
Vishwak Sen reacts on allegations made by Arjun

In reply to to actor-turned-director Arjun Sarja’s announcement of his decision to sack Vishwak Sen from his upcoming project, followed by the comments that he doesn’t want to work with a hero who “lacks commitment and discipline”, Vishwak spoke to the media to disclose his decision to skip Arjun Sarja movie’s shoot.

“If anyone in the industry, including the spot boys, labels me unprofessional, I will leave immediately. I worked with a number of experienced producers. But I had no trouble working with them. I believe in hard work, and the results are always in the hands of the audience” Vishwak Sen Added

“In fact, it takes me 40 days to film a movie and 20 days to promote. I believe I am the most dedicated actor. My absence from the sets is due to my late realisation. I had a couple of reservations which needed to be cleared by their team,” he added.

“Arjun garu used to stop me and ask me to believe in him whenever I voiced a question. Since I grew up seeing so many of his movies, I have a great deal of respect for him. But as I was about to begin shooting, I started to feel uneasy. It gave me discomfort while working for the film and that scared me a lot,” said Vishwak.

The ‘Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam’ actor also said “if Arjun garu believes that I made a mistake, then I extend my apologies” (to the veteran actor). “However, I even considered using my intellect to improve the script by taking personal responsibility for it. I always try to sort out any issue or problem amicably within the four walls, but Arjun garu now conducted a press meet for this. In any case, my best wishes go out to him,” he concluded.

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