Vishwak Sen & Devi Nagavalli Controversy: Actor Uses ‘F word’ live

Tollywood: Ace director SS Rajamouli one of the promotional interviews said that it’s the responsibility of the Actors and makers to promote the movie and make the movie reach the audience.  Yes, it is 100% true without promoting any movie you cannot reach the audience. In some cases, the movie content naturally does this in the majority star hero’s popularity does this. In a few cases, actors use some controversies to promote the movie.

Vishwak Sen & Devi Nagavalli Controversy: Actor Uses ‘F word’ live
Vishwak Sen & Devi Nagavalli Controversy: Actor Uses ‘F word’ live

Such promotional activity misfired for the young Actor Vishwak sen who is coming up with the movie Ashoka Vanam Lo Arjuna Kalyanam. As part of a promotional campaign, the makers hired a YouTuber to make a prank video, and YouTuber actions, Vishwas sen tactics of suicide prank misfired and now a case has been filed against the lead actor Vishwak Sen in Human rights and all other pranksters too. Finally understanding the mistake that happened, the makers acted quickly to apologize for the irresponsible act.

 Regarding the same incident, TV 9 conducted a debate inviting a noted person to Telugu cinema CHittibabu. Somehow the actor managed to enter the Tv9 studio distributing sweets to everyone in the studio and offering the same to Host Devi Nagavelli while the anchor asked to participate in the debate. Within no time a heated argument erupted between anchor Devi Nagavalli and actor Vishwak Sen who asked the actor to get out of the studio and actor used the F-word while the camera is rolling and everyone was shocked by the act.

The people-watching on Television felt that both parties Vishwak Sen and TV9 have gone over the board, and this was for some attention-grabbing and publicity.  

He said, “I did not do anything that created a nuisance. I only did that prank video to promote my film. We did a two minutes video with water in the tank and not petrol. We did that prank as a planned video with everyone from our team.”

He continued to say, “We don’t want to create any nuisance. I did the video in my neighborhood and planned everything. Stop making this a big issue and let us just release our film. I went to Vijayawada, Kakinada, Vizag, and Rajamundry to promote my film. Nobody is talking about it and they are talking about only this prank issue”.

He further stated that he would like to request Arun Kumar to not include other pranksters in his PIL. He said that he can take it but they cannot. Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam movie is releasing on 6th May.

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