Venkatesh Maha’s comments on KGF stir row

According to the reports, Venkatesh Maha attended an interview with popular Telugu directors and comments his opinions on the plot of KGF chapter 2, between Yash (Rocky) and his mother are absurd. The director even did not like the fact that Yash took all the money and drowned it in water instead of helping people in KGF. He commented, Is he, not a neech Kameen Kuthe (lowly dog) there were thousands of people or workers in the KGF movie, he could have built houses for them instead of drowning gold in the ocean, but he throws all of the gold.

Venkatesh Maha's comments on KGF stir row
Venkatesh Maha’s comments on KGF stir row

In this comment, Maha said that he continued to stand by the opinions that he had expressed, but he apologizes for the inappropriate language used by him while talking about the KGF. Being a responsible and reputed director, he shouldn’t have said or used that language. But he stands by his opinion and he has the right to express it, he is not taking back the words he has said about the KGF.

He further said, if his talking language has hurt anyone, especially the fans of Rocky’s character. It was just a momentary emotion but he has not crossed his limits or used any abusive words, there are some people who liked my opinion and think the same. He further said that the trolls were very brutal and used hurtful words which were literally worse than the ones Maha used in the Interview. That is not even acceptable because it is affecting him. 

There are a small number of people who agreed with his opinion and have expressed their support, and he voiced his opinion on the behalf of those people. His intention was to say all kinds of movies must be loved equally. His opinion was not intended based on the real life of the person, he just said it about a fictional person and now he is abused terribly and being trolled in real life. 

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