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Venkatesh Maha was born on 18th September 1981, in Vijayawada. Venkatesh Maha is an Indian filmmaker or director who mainly works for Telugu movies and has worked in different capacities in the movie and television industry. He also directed some short movies during his starting initial years in the film and television industry. 

Venkatesh Maha
Venkatesh Maha

Since starting he wanted to become an actor, and after lots of hard work, final his dream came true, once, he was selected for a part as the Hero’s friend in the movie Aakasame Haddu and spent 42 days on the movie set. Then he moved to Krishna Nagar, Hyderabad to fulfill his dreams.

At the age of just 16, he left his house and started doing different types of jobs. He used to work as the spot boy in the movie Teen Maar and then after this, he made his acting debut with the movie Aakasame Haddu. After that, he started working as an director and his movies got huge appreciation from the audience he is known for his unique style of storytelling, expressing, and detailing in his movies.

Venkatesh Maha made his directorial debut with the movie C/O Kancharapalem which was shot in the residential area of the same name. The cast of the movie was all the newcomers and this movie emerged as one of the best movies. His next movie was Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasa which was the remake of the Malayalam Movie. This movie received both positive and negative responses from the audience. In 2021, He started wright right club for creative writers in this field. 

Once he shared about his life in an interview, that when he was 20, he decided to do something in movies, and after experiencing ups and downs in Vijayawada he decided to move to Hyderabad. He tried to be an assistant director for such a big movie and they all were asked for a reference and said they already have a lot of Ads with them. So later on, he just had been taken as an assistant director. Although, he wrote a story titled Rangasthalam and went around with it and wanted to make this with the actor Satya Dev, unfortunately, the movie of the same name was announced. So, he took a break from this all and in 2016 he left Vizag. And on the way to reaching Hyderabad, he got a story idea and decided to shoot this story movie with the local people as the cast.

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