Vaccine tourism picking up across the world

A new kind of tourism is developing in these times of Covid. While the pandemic has pushed every country towards vaccine as a final solution to beat the Covid-19, many are busy in its production and distribution. The tourism industry which bore the brunt of the pandemic is now finding solutions to revive it. The travel agents are back in business to give a two-in-one vacation where one gets Covid vaccination and enjoys a holiday.

The favourite destination is Russia, where the agents are working on trips and packages. According to these plans, if one shells out Rs 2.2 lakh, he will be given a 24 day stay in Russia. The stay will be in Moscow and St Petersburg. The tourists will have a mandatory 14 day quarantine period after which they would be given the first vaccination. They will then go for a four-day holiday in St Petersburg. Then they will get the second vaccination, after which they will leave for India.

The Indians can travel to Russia after getting a covid test done. There are two or three different packages that are offered in Russia. Similarly, other European countries are also planning vaccination tours for Asiatic countries, including Russia.

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