Truth Behind Hyper Aadi Car Accident and Police Arrest!

Jabardast Fame Hyper Aadi and his controversies are nothing new to Telugu audiences whether it may be through satirical punches on-screen or with off-screen comments on social media. Hyper Aadi somehow lands himself in the middle of controversies though unwantedly. Recently, He was in news and is the hottest topic for discussion on social media for not being part of the Jabardast Show for couple of months now.

It is known that the comedy show `Sridevi Drama Company Promo` is being run by Rashmi (Anchor Rashmi) as the host. Rashmi took over the anchoring responsibilities fro Sudheer. Hyper Aadi (Hyper Aadi) is blasting punches on Anchor Rashmi as target. He is the highlight of this show. The punches he makes, and the punches he throws at him are now making everyone laugh. In the absence of Sudhir, Adi and Ramprasad are sharing comedy by doing skits together. Ramprasad and other comedians all came and had a long discussion with the police on stage.

Hyper Aadi Hit & Run Case
Hyper Aadi Hit & Run Case

Even before ending (Aadi Quitting Jabardast Show) that discussion Hyper Aadi lands himself in another controversy. This time He has been arrested by the police. Yes, the Hyper Aadi Car ru into an accident and Police arrest is a trending topic on social media circles. Now, this is provoking outrage.

The news broke out in the latest promo of Sridevi Drama Company which Rashmi hosting the show. In the latest episode promo, we can see police intervening the show comes on to the stage and says to hyper aadi “we are arresting you in a Hit and run case and the victim is battling for life now”. Everyone in the show was stunned including Hyper Aadi.

Truth Behind Hyper Aadi Car Accident and Police Arrest
Truth Behind Hyper Aadi Car Accident and Police Arrest

The promo cut also showed deep discussion with people on stage.  Not too many had any idea what happened in the show. Did Hyper Aadi’s car run into an accident? Did the real police arrest Hyper Aadi? Fans are confused too.

Though it seemed real, we need to understand that If it is to be real, then-Police would have arrested him when he was at home or at any point in time. Police would have already taken action not while shooting for a show and aadi would have not been part of the show so freely.

If we’ve to believe that it’s for real then makers will not Telecast it. This is Just a promo cut and wants to raise curiosity among fans for the latest episode. We need to keep in mind that several times Hyper Aadi told us that he doesn’t how to drive a Car. So considering all these we can say this is Just a while written stunt by the makers.

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