Truth Behind Actor Srikanth and OOha Divorce News!

As soon as the Actor Srikantha and Ooha’s divorce leaked online, Telugu people were in shock. Many people find it hard to believe the news while some are discussing the possible reason for the divorce.

Truth Behind Actor Srikanth and OOha Divorce News!
Truth Behind Actor Srikanth and OOha Divorce News!

While according to tot he rumors going viral on social media financial issues and financial instability is the reason for the disputesbetween the star couple and for getting seperated, though it is hard to believe such news.

As of now, there is no official update or confirmation regarding the divorce news. According to reliable sources, all such news regarding srikanth ooha divorce are baseless and there is no reliability in sources too. Everthing seems to be perfect between the couple and all these seems to be just nothing but a cooked up story.

Reacting to the same, Srikanth is said to have stated to a noted Telugu journalist over the phone that he is happily touring in Tamilnadu right now with his wife Ooha. After wrapping up this personal spiritual trip, he will be heading to Kerala for a film shoot.

The Telugu actor married Ooha on 20 January 1997, and has two sons, Roshan and Rohan and a daughter, Medha. The actor’s son is already an actor in the Telugu film industry

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