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The Chisos mountains are one of the rare kind and are only found in the southwest of the United States, being the heart of the big bend national park, the mountains provide a very unique landscape that is specific to Texas and can not be found elsewhere. Extending twenty miles from Punta de la Sierra in the southwest to Panther Junction in the northeast, As per research, the mountains were created during volcanic activity around 33-44 million years ago with the highest peak stretching up to 2,385m above sea level. Many times the name of the place has some origin and the same case is even with this as well, the name came from a Native American word, “Chisos” which means “spirit or ghost”. The place has stony soils that support that kind of vegetation including aspen, cypress, maple, and madrone. The peaks, landscapes, and clouds hovering make it an incredible place offering numerous opportunities to a photographer.

Majestic Chisos mountains

Here are the top 3 things to do at the place-

1. Hiking– The place offers a variety of trails such as mountains, rivers, or deserts, and is one of the chosen activities of the guests. Various trails are available with variable difficulty.

2. Photography – This is something that everyone coming to the place loves to do, and why not, the place offers such an amazing and jaw-dropping landscape along with different types of species like fauna such as insects, and reptiles. One could see glimpses of wild animals such as foxes, bobcats, kangaroo bats, badgers, etc. but just follow the park’s guidelines and maintain a safe distance from animals. The place does not only is great for daytime photography but also nighttime photography, one should try Milkyway landscapes here, many awarded Astro photographers choose this place as one of their options

3. Bicycling – The fall and winter seasons at the place make it an amazing location for bicycling with the right temperature around, lots of different paths are available whether you prefer paved roads or dirt roads.

Coming the peaks, Among the highest peaks in the range are Emory Peak (7,835 feet above sea level), Lost Mine Peak (7,535 feet), Toll Mountain (7,415 feet), and Casa Grande Peak (7,325 feet).

Coming to the lodging options, Chisos mountains lodge is the only option available with a luxury view of the mountains, backpackers need to have permits for setting up their things. The place is best in all seasons, even during summer, as it offers a good amount of shade to rest. There’s a lot to say about this place which falls in the Chihuahuan desert.

This big National Park was established in 1944 and has historical sites, unique desert plants, spectacular vistas, and a wide variety of wildlife, including bears, javelina, mountain lion, bobcat, deer, and road runners. The park is rich in geology, and during the change of seasons, guests come to look for the many different wildflowers and migrating birds. Chisos Mountains Lodge is open all time throughout the year, but the best time of explore he park is October to May.

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