Top tips for women travelers while traveling to India

Before visiting India, people get fear first, is it safe or not? Mostly women get this question about their safety because it is world widely known how many cases we have of women’s safety in the country and that’s a valid question. Even Indian girls are not feeling safe while walking at night time or anywhere alone, because no one knows what will be going to happen in the next few minutes. So, the question is relevant for everyone. But it’s just not about India, anything can happen anywhere, right? Even the world is not safe for women. 

Top tips for women travelers while traveling to India
Top tips for women travelers while traveling to India

Because in some places the incident is often common like unwanted attention, especially staring, and some girls are followed by stalkers. Some bad people snatch their phones, many things are happening on daily basis in every city. So, the question is quite common about women’s safety. I would say that it also depends on our hands and our safety in our hands. So, feel free to travel anywhere in the country by keeping some precautions in your mind and your hand pocket, that is what you need to do. Here are some tips on women’s safety while you are traveling to India.

  1. Feel free to go to India with an open mind and heart. 
  2. Do some research on the country before you are traveling.
  3. You should be confident but don’t be so polite.
  4. If you are talking to a stranger, especially men then do not get frank.
  5. If you land airport at midnight then call someone who will pick you up, meanwhile call the hotel where you are planning to stay. They will provide you with a car service or a taxi service who will drop you at the hotel. Don’t go alone.
  6. When you land in India, just get an Indian SIM for your phone so that you can coordinate with the person or your driver/hotel anyone. Keeping your phone with you is the topmost priority, in case you lost yourself somewhere. 
  7. If you are in India, wear Indian clothes, which make you one of the Indian people and make yourself comfortable.
  8. Don’t take anything personally, almost everyone will try to ask some personal questions, so don’t take it seriously just ignore it. Well, it depends on you if you want to share, nothing will be going to happen but in some may be something will happen. So, it’s better to do not to share anything about your details.
  9. If you are being followed by someone or something you fear then you can go to the nearby help center or any police station to get some help. 
  10. If you are a solo traveler then try to travel with a female group or find a travel female group to make your trip easy. 
  11. Don’t forget to carry pepper spray in your bag, it’s just for safety purposes in case you need it, and you will know when to use it.

See, India is not everyone’s cup of taste, it is an experience. If you visit then only you can feel the pure Indian traditional and cultural vibes here, once you get into those vibes you will start feeling it. So, India is an experience for every traveler, not just a visiting beautiful country full of adventurous things. 

Adventure yeah, I will say that India is an adventurous country because you will meet every type of people and things here, somewhere you will get the bad people, but at some places, you will get the friendliest, most innocent, and helping nature people that you will ever meet. It just depends on the experience. So, just keep these safety tips in mind and feel free to travel India anytime. 

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