Top Food trends in 2023

The consumption of food is depend on the way we eat and what we eat. As this New Year 2023, some of the most top food in 2023 is trending on across the social media. In the first week of 2023, let’s look at the flavors that may dominate the Indian palate. 

Top Food trends in 2023
Top Food trends in 2023

1. Sushi– this is the Japanese food and now is going to go big in 2023. This food is the one of the most trendy food and light for the stomach.  Well, I personally think that the home made food is still the best but some of the foreign dishes are good in taste like Sushi. Also, the Italian dish Pizza, and Pasta, the Mexican food that never took off, French and Spanish food are also famous in India. But now Japanese and Korean food are beating and as per the latest data of Swiggy, Sushi and Korean spicy ramen were among in the top most ordered dishes.

2. Regional food– regional food is still the best priority wherever you go. Home style dishes are very popular in our country, as we can see this reflected in home recipes of vindaloo, prawn curry and other home style dishes. However, in abroad it is different Indians going to Indian restaurants even in abroad. In one of the London restaurants there is Nadan Meen Curry (Kerala-style fish curry).

3. Online food ordering: during the pandemic the world eating habit changed drastically as a result of which online delivery system became a lifeline for the restaurant industry. According to Swiggy’s annual food trends report more than 1, 00, 000 new restaurants and cloud kitchens joined Swiggy across the country. The pandemic gave rise to a big wave of people who ordered food and food products online. 

4. Vitamin Seaweed– Getting the tasty superfoods is still a top priority for the food lovers. 2023 will specifically about the ocean-based foods, like green algae, nori, and seaweed. As they are originally comes from places like Japan, Korea, and the Philippines, these nutrient-dense foods have a wide variety of health benefits, and can be seamlessly merged into a daily diet. The Seaweed snack recipe and salmon bowl searches soared by 245 % and green algae and nori recipes are up by 60 % as well.

5. Veganism– It is as a lifestyle choice and not common in India where people are vegetarian because of religion or tradition. The vegan food is getting is not proportionate to the amount people are buying. In India, people are vegetarian because of religion or tradition, not because of health, many people adopting veganism have serious health issues. 

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