Best & Must try Seafood Restaurants & Places in Hyderabad!

Best & Famous Seafood Restaurants in Hyderabad

Best & Famous Seafood Restaurants in Hyderabad
Best & Famous Seafood Restaurants in Hyderabad

Apart from the famous Street shopping destinations, historical monuments, and rich culture, Hyderabad is also home to various seafood delicacies. In this article let us discuss some of the famous restaurants where you can find the best seafood in the city.

Chinese pavilion

Do you want to experience a cozy family dinner with delightful Chinese and seafood cuisines, then the Chinese pavilion serves your needs? Chinese pavilion offers you the most lip-smacking and delicious seafood recipes at affordable prices. Some of the most popular dishes in the Chinese Pavilion are Prawns on toast, Keong Prawns, Laksa fish, Sea Wars, Pepper Chili squid, etc. 

The fisherman’s Wharf

The Fisherman Wharf provides an Ultimate culinary destination with great food, impeccable service, and a fantastic atmosphere making it a perfect dining experience. 

Aromas of Asia

The Aromas Of Asia restaurant is known as Aromas Of China. This restaurant is a favorite choice for the foodies who prefer authentic Thai Chinese and seafood cuisine. To have a real Asian culinary experience, visit the aromas Of Asia restaurant in City Center Mall. This mall is located in the Banjara Hills.

Mainland China

Mainland China is another restaurant that offers delicious sea foods to the customers. The specialty of this restaurant is that it offers a seafood festival with various seafood items.

Some of the popular seafood items in this restaurant are steamed seafood dumplings with Sichuan Broth, crispy squid with Bird’s eye Chili and curry leaves, baby lobster in yellow beans, etc.

Urban Asia Jubilee Hills

Urban Asia Kitchen and Bar has beautiful decor with a spacious seating area offering delicious food. This restaurant is situated in Kukatpally and Jubilee Hills offering you the best food prepared with the most authentic and rich flavors. You can get a complete Asian experience with their food.

Fishland restaurant

Fishland restaurant is situated in Ameerpet, Hyderabad offering various seafood dishes. This restaurant offers various seafood delicacies with exciting interiors and the best hospitality making it a perfect place for a family meal or a meeting.

Kanak Restaurant 

Kanak restaurant offers you the best authentic Indian cuisine with its excellent fine dining experience for its guests. Their menu offers various seafood items prepared in a desi way that gives you the original flavors.

Ming’s Court

Ming’s Court is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad popularly known for its great hospitality. This restaurant serves the best Indo-Chinese delicacies and the best versions of Oriental seafood.

Ocean’s basket

Ocean’s basket is a lovely themed Restaurant located in Banjara Hills that provides you with the best seafood. It provides you with various items ranging from Tandoori lobster to crispy fried calamari, from red snapper Chili to stir-fried crab butter pepper garlic, from grilled to steamed, you have a wide variety to choose from and enjoy every bite of the food.

Ankapur village a Military Hotel

You will find some of the must-try seafood options ranging from fried pomfret served with Sambhal Kalasin, Steve Basa with thick red broth, etc here.

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