Top 6 Best Mandi Restaurants in Hyderabad!

The Mandi comes from the Arabic word nada which means dew and reflects the moist dewy texture of the meat. Mandi is the traditional dish of Yemen and originated from Hadhramaut in Yemen which is so popular in the Middle East and among the Hadharem people. Mandi is made up of rice, meat, or chicken with a mixture of spices and cooked in the taboon or tandoor which is a special kind of oven.

Top 6 Best Mandi Restaurant in Hyderabad!
Top 6 Best Mandi Restaurant in Hyderabad!

Mandi is mainly served along with the tomato paste known as Shatta, Garlic sauce, Mayonnaise, and Raita. Mandi was introduced by the Chaush community in Barkas in Hyderabad. Before in Hyderabad, Mandi was served only in the Barkas region. However, after the emerging trend of Arabian cuisine, Mandi outlets are open everywhere in Hyderabad. Mandi is served in many restaurants but there are few restaurants that serve the best traditional taste of Mandi in Hyderabad.

Mandi @36 Arabian Kitchen

Mandi @36 Arabian Kitchen- the restaurant serves the best Mandi in Hyderabad which is available in different varieties such as Mutton Mandi, Chicken Mandi, and Fish Mandi, but they also serve the Madfoon Mandi, both Mutton, and Chicken which is served only on Weekends in the restaurant. Apart from Mandi, the restaurant is also known for the M36 grill chicken special, Mutton Ghee Roast, and Crispy Chicken.

The Mandi @36 Restaurant is located at the posh Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad


Aazebo- the restaurant has two outlets in Hyderabad. The first is located in the Madhapur area in Hyderabad and the other one is in Tolichowki. The Tolichowki branch has a seating larger area. The restaurant serves Arabian Mix Mandi which includes Fried Chicken Mandi, Mutton Juicy Mandi, Chicken BBQ Mandi, Mutton Roos Mandi, and Fish Mandi. The most famous Juicy Mutton Mandi and Chicken BBQ Mandi are must-try. Madfoon Mandi is a special version of Mandi which is available only on weekends.

Spice 6

Spice 6 –spice 6 has two outlets in Hyderabad by the name The Arab Villagio and Spice 6 – Global Dining, both are located in the Banjara Hills. The restaurant serves authentic Lebanese and Turkish cuisine and totally gives you the feel of an Arabian village. Laham Mandi and Laham Kabsa are one of their best dishes. Apart from Mandi they also serve the Turkish meter Kabab, Laham Fatayer, Zaatar Fatayer, Hummus, and Chicken Shawarma. They also serve Saudi Champagne which is prepared using Apple juice, and fresh fruits mixed with a small quantity of sprite or 7up for some fizz.

Real Arabian Dhaba

Real Arabian Dhaba- the real Arabian Dhaba is located in Barkas, Chandrayangutta. Barkas is a very famous place for all the Mandi eaters throughout the city. They serve Chicken Mandi, Fish Mandi, Mutton Mandi, Prawns Mandi, and Batair Mandi. The Real Arabian Dhaba is one of the best Mandi places in Hyderabad. It gives the feel of an Arabian restaurant.

Mataam Al Arabi

Mataam Al Arabi- this restaurant is one of the iconic restaurants located in Barkas in the city, they serve the Arabian Mandi. They mix Arabian Mandi platter which includes Chicken, Mutton, Batair, and Fish. They also serve Khabsa and desserts such as Ferni, Baklava and Matka Kheer. Al Saud is one of the best serving Mandi places in Hyderabad.

Al Saud Bait Al Mandi

Al Saud Bait Al Mandi – the Al Saud restaurant has five outlets in Hyderabad, the restaurant first started in the Barkas and then expand its branches in the other parts of the city. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants that offer the best Mandi in the city. Must try this Al Saud Bait Al Mandi once.

I have mentioned the best 6 outlets which offer the best Mandi in the city, must visit any one the place and you will remember the taste forever.

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