Top 5 Famous Dishes You Must eat once when You are in Chennai

Hey food lovers, hope everyone is enjoying the homemade foods or some of you are still experimenting with outside food, right?  Well, let me take you on the food tour of Chennai, which is very well known for amazing yummy food. There are so many things to explore in Chennai, from the food to shopping, to adventure activities and so many things more. And when I look at Chennai, it always reminds me of the food, which did not even feel like I am missing homemade food, the taste of food here is so traditional and feels homemade. Let’s explore the famous and best 5 dishes of Chennai that you must eat when you are in Chennai.

1.Sundal- well, Beaches are the best place to sample Sundal. To make this dish is boiled white channa tossed with spices, raw mango, coconut, and curry leaves. The Sundal is also a classic snack served during the 10 days of Dussehra. This popular roadside food is available on almost any beach or temple in Chennai, but the best version is from vendors in Marina Beach. The Cost per plate is only Rs.10 plate.


2.Nethili fry– Nethili 65 is a tiny fish, and it contains extraordinary taste and nutrients in it. Nethili fry cooking cleans the fish and seasonings it with garlic and ginger paste, rice or cornflour, food coloring, chili powder, salt, lemon juice, and coriander powder. Biryani and a delicious dish of yummy Nethili 65 are the best dishes you ever try while in Chennai. Chennai’s love for seafood is the city’s colonial history, as Chennai was once just a group of fishing villages. This dish is one of the most important remnants of this old culture is the spicy finger-food dish known as Nethili fry. The dish is made from anchovies, which are fried and then showered with lime, the best, and most authentic Nethili fry can only be found at places where the city’s fishing communities are still rich and thrive. The cost per plate is approximately Rs.180 and above.

Nethili fry

3.Masala Dosa- It’s a typical breakfast dish of the South Indian state, it’s a mix of rice and lentils stuffed with mustard seeds, potatoes, chutneys, and sambar. Well, all the variety of Dosa is not just famous in Chennai, also famous in all of the south Indian states, as this is their typical tiffin to have first thing in the morning. The famous restaurant, Udipi is located in Chennai and has a branch in every south Indian state. The cost may differ in every restaurant and state, it might be around the Cost of Rs.70 and above.

Masala Dosa

4.Biriyani- Chennai is not only famous for Marina Beach, and also for classic Biryani with an amazing deep taste that you can feel from your first bite. The best biryani you can find is at the Place called Ambur Star Biryani.
Address- 79, T Block, 5th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai.
The Cost is around Rs.700 for two people.


5.Murukku Sandwich– Crispy, spicy, and unique dish in Chennai. This is made up of green chutney, sandwich is a portion of delicious and popular street food from the Sowcarpet in Chennai. This can be made with murukku or bread, or both. The main key to this tasty sandwich is the spicy green chutney made with cilantro and roasted peanuts, it adds tons of flavor to the dish. The tasty Layers of veggies round out this tummy snack. The cost of one sandwich is around Rs.60.

Murukku Sandwich

Here are the top and best 5 dishes that you must eat when you are in Chennai.

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