Top 12 Fun and Interactive games to play with a toddler

You might have heard kids being referred to as sponges. Their curious minds try to absorb everything that is around them. This is true even for toddlers as well. The little ones’ playtime can be a great time for them to learn and observe new things. So, if you can engage them with the right games, their cognitive, physical, and emotional skills start developing fascinatingly. In this article, we’re going to discuss some fun and interactive games to engage toddlers.

Fun and Interactive games to play with a toddler
Fun and Interactive games to play with a toddler

1. Simon Says

Simon says it is a classic game that can be played one on one or with a group of kids. The rules of the games are easy to follow by the kids. The parent is Simon and the kids should follow the commands. If you call out Simon says touch your toes and your kid has to follow them. The toddler will listen for the word Simon says and follow whatever command you give them like jump up. Make sure to call out funny comments like a silly dance, hop like a frog, etc to bring out a sense of joy in the toddlers.

2. Hot and cold

This is an emotional game that can help your child to build his emotional skills. Hide any of his favorite stuff and have him search the room. If he is getting closer to the stuff, then speak out warm, warmer, hot. If he is wandering away from the stuff then speak out cold. This game will help your toddler to learn patience and perseverance.

3. One for you, one for me

This is another perfect game for toddlers which teaches them the value of sharing. Display a pile of objects like crayons and ask him to distribute them with his friend saying one for you and one for me. 

4. Hokey Pokey

This is a super fun game to play for toddlers. This game allows your kid to learn his body parts in a fun manner by singing hokey pokey. 

You put your left foot (you can substitute for any body part on the left foot)

You put your left foot out 

you put your left foot in and then shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey (raise your hands and clap)

Turn around in a full circle that’s what it’s all about 

5. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt is another fun game through which you can ask your toddler to hunt for objects around the house like find me something red. You can also ask them for a bunch of random objects like which one is blue, which one is longer, etc.

6. Hide and seek

The Hide and Seek game are to improve problem-solving skills by hiding from him. Hide some object that is your favorite him. ask him to go in search of that and find it.

7. Obstacle course

Obstacle courses can promote coordination and balance within a toddler in a fun and safe manner. If there is not enough space in your living room then you can arrange it outside for your kid to have enough space to roll, jump, and run around and over the objects. 

8. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great game to improve the physical, cognitive, and emotional skills of toddlers. Making the pieces fit into one another improves their physical ability, solving the puzzle increases their cognitive ability, and learning how to be patient improves their emotional ability. Solving a puzzle can boost your kid’s memory to a great extent.

9. Odd one out

Play a series of blocks of similar colors in front of your toddlers and add a block that is of different colors in between. Ask your toddler to pick the odd one out. You can also make this game a bit more challenging by using flashcards of different shapes and then asking them which is similar and which is different.

10. Imagine a boat

Lay out a towel or a blanket on the floor and let your toddler sit on it. Gently pull the blanket around the room and pretend that the blanket is a train or a boat and you are stopping at different places like the grocery store, or their favorite restaurant. It is a simple activity that improves balance for toddlers.

11. Trace their body

Let your child lie down on a large piece of paper and trace the outline of their body. Then you show them where the two eyes, nose, and mouth are and ask them to trace where they are on the paper with crayons. If this is a bit complex for them, then start with easy things like tracing their hands, feet, etc.

12. Pass a Ball

This is a funny activity that almost all kids love to play. Stand opposite or in front of your child and pass a soft ball between you back and forth. This is a good game to improve patience and teamwork.

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