Top 10 Most Powerful & Influential people in 2023

Check out the List of Top 10 Most Powerful & Influential people in 2023

1. XI Jinping

XI Jinping
XI Jinping

XI Jinping is the leader of the world’s most populated and second-largest economic country, none other than China. 

Jinping became the President in the year 2012 and was very quick to see the benefits of privatization-friendly reform.

He has a firm grasp of China’s political party. In March this year, the China Parliament amended its constitution, broadening its powers and scrapping term limits. 

Jinping was credited with the slogan Chinese dream which explains a set of personal and national ideas for the advancement of Chinese society. 

He is 69 years old and is currently residing in Beijing, China.

Jinping educational qualifications for Bachelor of Arts/Science from Tsinghua University.

2. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is listed among the world’s most powerful persons four times between 2013 to 2016. He is popularly known as Russia’s president.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin was born in the year 1952 in Saint Petersburg. Putin served as a prime minister for one year and after that ascended to the highest office in 2000.

An investigation was undertaken to determine whether the campaign had a relationship with Russian officials during the elections. Trump and Putin have denied the false allegations on Facebook.

Putin has a greater International influence on European countries as the countries get oil and gas from Russia.

Putin is 69 years old and he has two children. His marital status is divorced. His highest educational qualification was a doctor of Jurisprudence at Saint Petersburg State University.

3. Donald Trump

Donald Trump comes from a fortunate family and has many ties up in New York City Real Estate whose value is approximately equal to 430 million dollars.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, was banned from Twitter. In October 2021 he announced that he is going to create his own social media platform titled Truth Social. 

In the initial days of his career, he used to work under his father who developed low-cost housing in Brooklyn and Queens.

Donald Trump is 76 years old and he is currently residing in Palm Beach, Florida. Donald Trump’s highest educational qualification is Fordham University Bachelor of Arts/Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

4. Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel became the first female chancellor of Germany in the year 2005 and is serving her fourth term.

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

In November 2018, Angela Merkel stepped down from the Christian Democratic Union. She has announced that she wouldn’t seek another term as chancellor in 2021. 

Angela Merkel stood up to Donald Trump to allow more than a million Syrian refugees into Germany.

Angela Merkel is currently leading a Government and the public has a big question about who will come after her term in office.

Angela Merkel is 68 years old and her highest educational qualification is a doctorate from Leipzig University and a Masters from Leipzig University.

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5. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder of e-commerce giant Amazon in 1994 in Seattle. Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO to become executive chairman in July 2021.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos

He got listed as the first richest person in the world in 2021. Now he is in the second position among billionaires in 2022.

Jeff Bezos sold over 8.8 billion worth of his Amazon stocks in the year 2021. Now he owns less than 10 % of his company.

Jeff Bezos got divorced from her wife MacKenzie and has transferred a quarter of his property which is around 16 % of Amazon’s stake to her.

Jeff Bezos is 58 years old and he is currently residing in Seattle Washington. Jeff Bezos’s highest educational qualification is a Bachelor of Arts/Science from Princeton University.

6. Pope Francis

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Pope Francis is the spiritual leader of almost one-sixth of the world population which is around 1.3 billion. 

In the year 2016, in November, Pope Francis permitted priests to forgive women who undergo abortions. Pope Francis has still kept some traditional aspects of the church even today including a ban on female clergy members. 

Pope Francis is 85 years old and is currently residing in Vatican City state.

7. Bill Gates

Bill Gates turned his fortune from software from Microsoft into diversified sectors including zero-carbon energy. 

In May 2021 Bill Gates and Melinda announced on Twitter that they were ending their relationship after 27 years of marriage. 

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

In the year 2020, Bill Gates stepped down from the Microsoft board and has about 1 % of the software and computing company’s shares. 

Bill Gates has invested in many companies including Canadian National Railway and Autonation, one of the largest owners of farmland in the US.

Bill Gates has donated nearly 57 billion dollars to the gates foundation including a 20 billion gift announced in July 2022. Bill Gates is currently the 4th richest billionaire as of 2022.

Bill Gates is 66 years old and is currently living in Medina, Washington. Bill Gates and Melinda have three children. Bill Gates was a dropout from Harvard University.

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8. Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud

Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud
Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud

Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

In November 2017, Mohammed’s anti-corruption campaign caused many prominent billionaires to get arrested and lose their fortunes. This is the reason why many Saudi Arabian billionaires were dropped from the Forbes annual list of the world’s billionaires. 

9. Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of the world’s second-largest populated country with over 1.3 billion population. 

In November 2016, Narendra Modi announced a plan to eliminate India’s two largest problems to reduce money laundering and corruption.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi has risen as a global leader in recent years during official visits with Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

He is one of the key personalities in the International effort to tackle climate change and global warming effects.

Narendra Modi is 72 years old and he is currently residing in New Delhi, India. His highest educational qualification is a Master of Arts from Gujarat University.

10. Larry Page

Larry Page
Larry Page

Larry Page is the co-founder of Google in 1998 with fellow Stanford Ph.D. student Sergey Brin. Larry Page is the sixth richest billionaire listed by Forbes in 2022.

Larry Page is a founding investor in the space exploration company planetary resources and is also a founder of flying car startup Kittyhawk and Opener.

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