Top 10 Best Electric Scooters in India in 2022

Suppose, you are coming from the tuition class or coming back from work with having a limited time on your hands, and you got late just because of traffic and hen going for the fuel but you are amazed by just knowing the fuel price of a liter? That time you think to find an alternative option to which reduce the cost of fuel.

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters in India
Top 10 Best Electric Scooters in India

Here come the Electric Scooters, the best alternative to petrol-based two-wheelers. They are very affordable in price, environmentally friendly, easy to use, low noise, lightweight, and the best thing is you don’t have to wait for more filling fuel. If we compare it with petrol, diesel then it has very low maintaining cost.

The Indian government is trying to push people toward a sustainable mode of transportation and better for our environment with no more pollution. So this is the right time to switch your petrol-powered scooter to Electric scooters. Here in this article, I will mention the top 10 brands of Electric scooters that will help you in choosing the best EV scooter.

Bajaj Chetak EV

Bajaj Chetak is one of the top brands in India, previously the chetak brand provided petrol-powered scooters. This EV scooter has a 3KW battery range of 85-90km and a backup of 5 hours. It is a unique model with provides a full metallic body. It also has a quick charge option that charges the batter 0-25% in one hour. This scooter has now been considered India’s greatest scooter brand with three years of battery warranty.

Ather 450X

Ather Energy is an Indian electrical vehicle company, the Ather electric scooter is a premium scooter that has modern designs, and it has a big 7-inch Dashboard for navigation, taking and rejecting calls even playing music as well. Ather 450X is powered by 6kW 26Nm Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS) Motor, connected to a new 21,700 cell lithium-ion battery pack and Battery Management System (BMS). It can accelerate 0-49km/h in just 3.41 seconds. It is a bit expensive, the price range starts from 1.26 lakhs and 1.45 lakhs.

Ola S1

Ola electric, the company has only one scooter which is the S1, which is a famous one. This scooter has two models Ola S1 and Ola S1 pro. The Ola S1 has a range of 121 kilometers while the S1 Pro has a range of 181 kilometers. The Pro has a top speed of 115km/h in just 3seconds. The price range starts for the S1 is 99,999 ad for the S1 Pro 1, 29,999. It has lots of features like a big LED dashboard, voice control options, and so on.


The TVS is one of the top brands in India. It has a USB charging port, Bluetooth, navigation assist, and LED headlamps, dashboards, incoming calls/messages notifications. TVS powered by a 2.25kWh battery pack that sends power to a 4,400W motor. It accelerates from 0-40km/h in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of around 78km/h and a range of 75km. the starting price of TVs is 99,999.

Hero Electric Photon

The Photon EX is an easy-riding electric scooter, Photon HX is a 1.87kWh battery pack and an electric motor with 2.41 bhp. The HX has a Range of 90-108km on a single charge, it has a top speed of 45km/h. this Hero electric scooter has some good features such as a digital instrument cluster, telescopic suspension, alloy wheels, removable battery, LED headlamp, remote lock, anti-theft alarm, regenerative braking, and many other features it has. The scooter has a weight of around 87kg, battery charging time is 5 hours. The price range of Hero Electric Photon starts in India is 74,468.


Okinawa is one of the most advanced scooters in India, the scooter has lots of high-quality features like geo-fencing, immobilization, tracking, monitoring, etc. it has a range of 139 kilometers with a top speed of around 58km/h. It comes in a lithium-ion battery that takes up to 3-4 hours to charge which is removable and can be charged at home also, the price range starts from 1.05 Lakh.

Bounce Infinity E1

The new bounce electric scooter is the unique one, the company has designed this scooter from the scratch and developed each and every part to support battery-swapping technology. The users can go up to the battery-swapping station and add full range in a minute. It comes with a 2kWh battery pack and a rear-wheel mounted hub motor that produces 83Nm of torque.

E Pluto 7G

The Pure E Pluto is a premium scooter that provides you with a most comfortable and pleasant ride. This Scooter design was created for India at IIT Hyderabad. It has drums brakes in front and back both, it is totally run on electricity. E Pluto has a weight of 79kg. It has a range of 90km on one charge.

Simple One

The Simple one electric scooter is gorgeous and features a clean-cut modern design, the scooter has a range of 2336km, and it is one of the highest ranges we have ever seen. It has a top speed of 135km in only 2.95 seconds. It comes in a smart touchscreen dashboard, remote access, geo-fencing, 30 liters of boot space, and more. The Simple one scooter is priced at 1.09 Lakhs in India.

Revolt RV300

The RV300 is an electric street bike that has a range of up to 80-180km, there are three driving modes in it, Normal, Eco, and sports. In Eco mode bike has a limited speed of up to 25km/h and has a range of 180km, in sports mode, the top speed is 65km/h with a range of 80km and in the normal mode, the top speed is 45km/h with a range speed of 110km. The price range started from 1.14 lakhs in India.

Conclusion- hope this article you will find informative. I have mentioned the Top 10 electric scooter brands which are available in India with their starting range of the price and the features available.

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