Top 10 Best & Cheapest Places to Visit on a Limited Budget

Hello Indian Travelers, are you seeking a friendly Budget-free destination to explore? Well, I know the answer, each one of us is looking for this. The Planet is full of destinations, even though there are lots of places that you can visit on a limited budget. The destinations I am going to mention below are the most valuable for your money. If you are looking for low-budget travel and confused about where you should go then here are the best 10 cheapest places to explore on budget-friendly destinations. Do check out the whole article.

1. Central America

central america - places to visit on limited budget
central america – places to visit on limited budget

Central America- if you would to visit America then North America will be a good choice on a friendly budget. If you would like to visit ancient ruins, trek through the jungle, surf, and eat delicious food. Visit the smaller countries in Central America, including El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. At these places, you will find most budget hotels for just around $15 per night, can have a meal for $3, most bus journeys for the same price, and beer for less than a dollar.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia - Places to Visit on limited Budget
Cambodia – Places to Visit on limited Budget

Cambodia- well, Cambodia is one of the most affordable and beautiful countries, I must say and you can find the best hospitality from the locals here. Cambodia is a Southern country and Southeast Asia is the empire of temples. You can even get a private room for $20 USD, street food for $2, and transportation across the country for $20, very cheap right? If you are spending close to $50 a day, you are living large. It’s one of the cheapest backpacking destinations and one of the most beautiful in the world.

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3. China

China - Places to Visit in Limited Budget
China – Places to Visit in Limited Budget

China- we know that we have many issues with china, even the world has. Let’s keep this thing aside and focus on budget-friendly destinations. So yes, china is one of them, the country is one of the cheapest in Asia. The hostels cost less than $20 a day, food is around $2-5 for a meal, and local transportation in cities runs even less than $1. But, when you get off the street paths and the interior walls. This is where you will find the best travel deals and bargains besides all that.

4. Turkey

Turkey - Places to Visit in Limited Budget
Turkey – Places to Visit in Limited Budget

Turkey – the country which is bordered by eight countries and surrounded by three seas. Turkey can be very expensive and inexpensive at the same time, it depends on the style you travel. The average price of the meal is $5-10 dollars, but for sure there are less also. There are so many affordable options and transportable during the night, which is very affordable. One of the most underrated places in the world is the Turkish Riviera, the water is pure blue.

5. Egypt

Egypt - Places to Visit in Limited Budget
Egypt – Places to Visit in Limited Budget

Egypt- is one of the most beautiful countries, I fell in love with the country. It is literally so beautiful. If you would love to explore the ancient and most historical places then you have the best to visit here. Being the world’s oldest civilization it has some most ancient pyramids and monuments to explore. The great pyramids of Giza which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World are the best to explore. Spending a night in Egypt is slightly less than $30 per day, even in some places, it is around $18 per day.

6. Nepal

Nepal - Places to Visit in Limited Budget
Nepal – Places to Visit in Limited Budget

Nepal- is one of the cheapest destinations, if you are wondering about pricing, book a hotel in advance or check the price there. You will have a little bit of idea about the pricing. But if you are looking for fun, which obviously you will then there are lots of things to do but most importantly hiking and trekking and for that, you need to purchase your own equipment there. Well, Nepal is so cheaper than the above countries so you might have got an idea about that. But Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries so do visit once.

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7. Georgia

Georgia - Places to Visit in Limited Budget
Georgia – Places to Visit in Limited Budget

Georgia- well from Nepal you can easily go to Georgia. Everyone has fallen in love with its outstanding landscapes and beautiful mountains. This area of the world is by far one of the most underrated, especially due to the low cost of food and the wide variety of accommodation here, and it also has a fairly accessible public transportation system which can reduce your travel costs as well. You can also find the hostel for only a few dollars.

8. Peru

Peru - Places to Visit in Limited Budget
Peru – Places to Visit in Limited Budget

Peru- is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are lots of places to explore in Peru and must say the country is very inexpensive and it should be on the list of most friendly budget destinations. You can go on hikes to see all of the natural wildlife of Peru, especially at night, which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone, this is incredible. You can visit the floating village as well, just give it a try, you will not forget this memorable trip.

9. Thailand

Thailand - Places to Visit in Limited Budget
Thailand – Places to Visit in Limited Budget

Thailand- on the list of friendly budgets, you can visit and explore Thailand, the incredibly beautiful. You know, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist countries, people visit the country from across the globe. You can stay for $25-30 per day, very cheap. If you spend all your time on the islands and inexpensive accommodation, expect to pay closer to $50 USD per day. However, even at the price, Thailand is still one of the most bargain destinations in the world and should not be forgotten to visit.

10. Myanmar

Myanmar - Places to Visit in Limited Budget
Myanmar – Places to Visit in Limited Budget

Myanmar- well, this is a place that never fails to amaze travelers with its outstanding beauty. There are 4000 sacred stupas across the plains of Bagan. The Golden Rock on Mt. Kyaiktiyo which stands on the edge of a chasm, the wonder of Shwedagon Paya, and the pious monks, is a mesmerizing spot in Burma, Myanmar. Apart from these, Myanmar lets you experience the beautiful pleasures of your life. You can easily stay there for less than $25 per day.

International travel could be the part of dreams, like I have. You know most of the places you can visit within your affordable cost meanwhile less than 50-60 dollars per day. Expensive things and travelling are everywhere even cheapest also, but it is depend on your budget and your major role is to find the cheapest place. If you are a traveler you will plan your trip within your cheap and affordable budget, hence you will find some less or inexpensive places around the world. World is full of destinations, and many places are cheapest more than you think, we just need to explore and find those places, and that will also give you an experience.

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