Simple Tips & Tricks to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro!
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Simple Tips & Tricks to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro!

To Dye Your Hair At Home Like A Pro

Beauty: Learning how to dye your hair at home is a rewarding thing. As salon appointments are quite pricey, you can save a lot of money for yourself.

Coloring your hair requires some skills and familiarity with science. There are many steps to be followed to dye your hair at home. You need to select the right color according to your base hair color, you have to place the color at the right spots using the right tools for the job. 

Simple Tips & Tricks to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro!
Simple Tips & Tricks to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro!

But don’t worry too much. You can start slowly and achieve the results with a bit of guidance and a little patience. In this article, we have compiled some of the tips that should be followed while coloring your hair at home.

One thing you should always remember in your mind is to follow the directions that are mentioned on the back of the dye box. According to the studies, experts have found that not following these steps is the main reason why women wind up back at the salon for pricey treatments.

One thing that comes to mind when we talk about coloring your hair is “is it safe to use hair dye?” It is safe to color your hair at home as long as you follow the directions mentioned on the product. All the requirements to dye your hair at home are a box dye and a hair color brush.

Steps to be followed to dye your hair at home

Step 1: You should not wash your hair for two days before you apply color. The natural oils on the scalp should act as a barrier against irritation caused by the color.

Step 2: It is always recommended to do a strand test on a small section of your hair before applying the color. If you have fine hair, it will absorb the color faster and you may need 5 to 10 minutes less than the box says. But if you have coarse or dry hair, you can stay up to the recommended time.

Step 3: Do not apply the color from the roots to the ends in one go. First, start applying the dye a half-inch away from your scalp and work towards the end. It is because the heat from your head makes the color develop faster at the root. 

So always apply the dye to the roots halfway through the processing time. Using a color brush in coloring your hair can achieve professional results.

How to highlight your hair?

Step 1: Always select a shade lighter than your base hair color to get the natural sun-kissed look. 

Step 2: Once you have done strand testing, blow dry your hair and make partitions so that you will know which parts to highlight. 

Step 3: If you are not using a pro-level highlight kit, you can also try using a toothbrush to paint on your hair from root to ends. To prevent the color from dripping off your hair, use cotton balls away from your head.

Step 4: Let the color sit on your hair for the indicated amount of time. But if you are nervous about the results, you can rinse a small portion of your hair earlier than the mentioned time to check the color. If the result is satisfactory you can wash the complete hair. If the result is not what you expected, let the dye sit on your hair for the mentioned time.
Step 5: After rinsing your hair, always ensure to use the gloss treatment to help see the color and boost the shine of your hair.

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