The Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort and Spa for a destination wedding

The Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort & Spa offers breathtaking views of the serene backwaters of Kerala. This stunning resort is situated on the shores of Vembanad Lake, the longest backwater lake in Kerala. One can have an unforgettable experience here with the fresh sea breeze, miles of serene backwaters, and swaying coconut palms all making it a luxury and peace. Kerala, the southern tip of the Indian peninsula is often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country because of its pristine natural beauty.

The Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort and Spa for a destination wedding
The Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort and Spa for a destination wedding

At the Zuri Kumarakom, one can experience many things like the colorful and traditional local culture, the mouth-watering local cuisine, etc. Moreover, the rich repository of flora and fauna gives you the best experience while it is surrounded by luxury. The Zuri Kumarakom’s very own spa, the Maya Spa gives you a chance to pamper yourself with a wide variety of spa treatments that will leave you with a luxurious feeling and a sense of refreshment.

The Zuri Kumarakom is undoubtedly one of the best resort and spa hotels in Kerala as one can experience the plush interiors, impeccable service, world-class amenities, and the finest restaurants here. With all these amenities, the hotel has been successful in receiving many awards over the years. The hotel has been awarded the ‘Best Resort Spa Hotel’ in 2007 and 2008. It was titled the ‘World Travel Award’ for being India’s leading resort in 2010. And also titled as Traveller’s Choice Award from TripAdvisor in 2011. Now let us have a look at the amenities and hospitality present in the Zuri Kumarakom resort and spa in detail.

Rooms and suites

The views of serene backwaters and lush greenery surrounding the resort are a treat to your eyes. Moreover, the accommodation and the hospitality will give you a sense of being pampered feeling. The Zuri Kumarakom luxurious rooms, villas, and cottages are aesthetically furnished and beautifully designed to offer you every comfort and luxury you wish for. You can also have a choice of choosing their splendid lagoon-facing rooms or luxurious villas that come with a private pool. 

Complimentary Amenities

The Zuri Kumarakom, Kerala Resort & Spa provides you with the finest quality of services as per your needs. Whether you are on a family holiday, on a personal retreat, or conducting business, Zuri resort never disappoints you. The Zuri Kumarakom resort always ensures that its hostages have a comfortable stay with all the amenities you expect and that too they are delivered with the highest quality standards.


Your trip to Kerala is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the state’s exotic local cuisine. Kerala cuisine consists of seafood delicacies that are famous worldwide for their incredible flavors and exotic seasoning. At Zuri’s fine-dining restaurants, you’ll be served the best of Kerala’s cuisines be it vegetarian or nonvegetarian.


Nothing else is soothing to your mind and body as the beautiful spa in Kerala. Kerala is known as the home to a plethora of Ayurvedic solutions and concepts like the Abhyangam massage, and the Indian traditional oil massage since ancient times. Have the best of wellness and treatments in the Zuri resort as you soak in an exclusive experience called ‘Maya’.

With all the facilities in Zuri Kumarakom resort and spa, your guests will have a splendid time here enjoying all the facilities and the hospitality. So, Zuri Kumarakom never fails to meet your expectations and can be considered a perfect resort for a destination wedding. 

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