The Wonderful and Last Unspoiled Places on Earth That you Might Never See

The Earth, our home planet is the only planet known to sustain life, no wonder the planet is placed at such a distance from the sun which neither freezes the planet nor roasts it, providing a well-balanced temperature to let the water be in its liquid state along with the good enough temperature for the flora and fauna to flourish. If you look at the earth’s globe and notice the continents, you might be wondering that it was some hundreds of years ago back when eastern-based communities did not know about the western world or vice-versa and then one person came and explored the other and since then, we humans have explored the entire planet or did we? What if I tell you that there are still a few places remained that are still untouched and unspoiled by we humans and waiting to be explored but responsibly? So, Let’s reveal those places.

1. Hang Sơn Đoòng, Vietnam – Our planet is full of caves but do you know this is one of the largest natural caves which was discovered just 100 years before in 1990 and was officially explored in 2009, the formation happened due to the river Rao thong. The main passage is around 1.8m long and the ceilings are up to 200m, the cave is so big that it can even fit a New York skyscraper, Seems like a wonderful place, right? Do give it a chance to explore.

Hang Sơn Đoòng, Vietnam

2. Fiordland, New Zealand –  What if I tell you that there is a place full of deep lakes, waterfalls, and steep, snow-capped mountains all together at once place, yes, There is a place in New Zealand called Fiordland which has all this and place is not even much populated, even the native people Māori visit this place for hunting fish, etc. making this place virtually untouched and unexplored, the largest national park in the country and one of the largest among others in the world.

Fiordland, New Zealand

3. Antarctica –  I know, as soon as one hears this place, one imagines the most distant place on the earth and guesses, that’s what makes this place unspoiled or probably the most untouched place here on earth, sometimes having nothing around you makes that place so special, not even the sound. This is the place one must visit in a lifetime.


Nunavut, Canada – Auyuittuq National Park is a land that never melts is one of the most amazing place in Canada, a place full of glaciers, deep valleys, a place having diverse regions in terms of geography makes it unspoiled place on earth.

Nunavut, Canada

5. Namib desert, Namibia – You might have heard this name before, but what you did not know about the place is that it has been a dry place since 80 million years or more, stretch 1200 miles across Namibia and South Africa. The sand dunes over here reaches up to several hundred feet’s high.

Namib desert, Namibia

So, these were the few places on earth that are left unspoiled and when you visit them next time so make sure to keep environment in mind and visit them responsibly.

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