The success story of Lalitha Jewellery owner Kiran Kumar

Kiran Kumar is the name that strikes everyone’s mind whenever we hear the brand Lalitha Jewellery. In the present world, we see brands sponsoring actors and models to commercially advertise their products. But Kiran Kumar has gained everyone’s attention and proved it wrong with his unique marketing strategy. He stood as the big brand ambassador for his company Lalitha Jewellery.

The success story of Lalitha Jewellery owner Kiran Kumar
The success story of Lalitha Jewellery owner Kiran Kumar

The story behind the name of Lalitha Jewellery

When he was asked in an interview, about the reason why the company was named Lalitha Jewellery, Kiran Kumar replied that it was in the year 1999 he has taken over an existing gold showroom Lalitha Jewellery. 

In the initial days of his career, Kiran Kumar worked as a goldsmith in the existing jewelry showroom Lalitha Jewellery and the original owner of the company is Kanda Swami. But Kanda Swami faced severe financial issues and Kiran Kumar has taken over it from him.

Kiran Kumar has started expanding his first showroom in Andhra Pradesh. The Businessman is planning to establish 180 showrooms alone in South India in the coming years. He is planning to expand his business empire even in North India by making the count 450 showrooms across India. Lalitha Jewellery is currently having a very good time in business and all this would be achieved in only 3 to 4 years.

Lalitha Jewellery had a turnover of 11000 crores in the year 2018 and a turnover of 15000 crores in 2019 and by 2023 the company is planning to make the turnover to 50000 crores.

Lalitha Jewellery designs

Most of the designs in the Lalitha Jewellery are taken inspiration from the Mumbai, Rajkot, Kolkata, Kerala, and Coimbatore regions from their traditions. The company owners always assure people that there is no compromise on the quality of the gold they supply. 

Less wastage scheme

We can find various varieties of jewelry pieces ranging from antique pieces to modern pieces across all showrooms in Lalitha Jewellery. Lalitha Jewellery has impressed and gained wide recognition among the audience with their less wastage and no making charges scheme. The wastage during the making process is generally 1 to 8% in the company and they do not take making charges from the customers. 

Kiran Kumar note

In an interview, Kiran Kumar has told that he has keenly observed the relationship between the family members with gold in India over the years in his career. In India, people consider purchasing Gold as an investment for the future. He mentioned he has observed how every man puts his hard work to purchase gold. So with observance of the Indian people’s psychology, Kiran Kumar offers gold at an unaffordable price to the customers. This has distinguished Lalitha Jewellery from the rest of the brands in India and made it a top in the industry.

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