The Secret Tunnels beneath the Desert

The world is a wonder, nature is a big mystery, and you will be amazed after knowing what beauty lies within. Let’s talk about one of the wonders, the deserts. You know hundreds of secrets lie in nature and only somewhat do we know.
Let’s take a ride to the Mojave, the Mojave Desert as it looks lifeless, barren, and arid environment. It looks like a flat stretch of land with some mountains in the distance more like to be a movie set for a film that takes place on Mars. The desert abounds with life, magic, and mystery. Let’s explore the Mojave National Preserve in California which reveals the mystery and magic that lies within.

The Mojave Desert is the land of extremes, with less than 2 inches of rain in a year like most of the other deserts. The fluctuations in temperature vary from freezing point to hot summer on the same day it varies a lot. As some Sierra Nevada Mountains are there, there is a little bit of rain over the desert commonly called rain shadows in the desert, it usually arrives instead are clouds and powerful winds.

It is the 25,000 vast square mile desert is the Mojave National Preserve, but in fact, this is not a National Park but it is considered it is a unit of the National Park system. This preserve is rich with history, culture, biodiversity, and infinite opportunities to excite your interest who love nature. There are some mining cabins, rivers from the early days of gold and silver exploration that are filled with hidden caves, ancient rock art from the first people to inhabit the region decorated the walls and cliffs, and wildlife, though often creeping or crawling, is abundant.

Secret Tunnels

This Mojave National Preserve in California is the driest desert in the United States which occupies nearly 50,000 square miles. If you are planning to visit the desert then keep in mind some things before visiting the desert. The very first thing you have to do is, keep patience there, as if you are patient, you will be rewarded more because there are lots of secrets that would be revealed there. Let’s explore the mysterious things.

The most wondering thing, you will be surprised to see how much of the area was shaped by ancient volcanoes and geologic forces, most of that even remains today which is giving the area a unique feel and painting colorful backdrops for great imagery. There is a lava tube, which was formed by an ancient river of lava that has long since disappeared, visitors can descend a metal stairway into a small, dark cave system that opens up into a chamber. In this chamber, light passes through openings in the cave ceiling and scatter light onto the floor and walls.

Furthermore, for the spiritual experience, if anyone is looking, there is a temple that was built by ancient natural geologic forces that allow us to escape the heat of the day, and capture the wonder of a subterranean desert. In this large place, it is to wonder what other secrets lay just beyond the next ridge or around the next canyon. Even you could spend all your life exploring the Mojave and still find new discoveries every day if you like photography then this is the kind of opportunity that will allow you to test your creative abilities.

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The most surprising fact is, there is a Sentinel Enigma on the hilltop of the Mojave Desert national preserve sits something of an enigma. People say that it is a giant megaphone, gunsight, sentinel, or even a device used to communicate with aliens.

Other people think that it may have been used to locate an entrance to a 303-mile California cave system and a great underground river of gold in the Mojave Desert and the black sand beaches along the underground river are filled with a fortune of placer gold and nuggets, reports suggest that, and as per the evidence found in the area.

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