The Latest Blouse Design Ideas Can Suit Any Occasion 

The latest blouse designs can suit any occasion 

Many women spend a lot of money to purchase designer sarees. But the beauty of the saree can be enhanced by many folds with a matching designer blouse having a unique design.

Women try experimenting with different varieties of designs for their blouses. Here in this article, we are going to discuss and present pictures of some of the top trendy designs that can match most of your sarees.

Full sleeves blouse

Full sleeves blouses look amazing with plain sarees, netted sarees, organza sarees, or even silk sarees.

A full sleeve blouse with good embellishments or a printed pattern on it looks even more gorgeous. You don’t need to worry about wearing jewelry or trying different things to look good. Your blouse does most of the work. 

A full sleeve blouse goes really well with a backless neckline or boat neckline on the back.

If you choose to wear a Boat-neckline then you don’t need to wear heavy jewelry. Wearing a good pair of statement earrings and a nice clutch can complete your look.

Full sleeves blouse saree design
Full sleeves blouse saree design

Back knot blouse

The back knot blouse makes you look extremely gorgeous and chic.

These back knot blouses can be tried on a variety of sarees like silk sarees, organza sarees, and netted sarees.

We have seen many celebrities and their influences using the back knot sarees as a trendy look. 

Trying a back knot can make your average plain blouse into a very trendy look. You just need a plain fabric or a fabric with minimal detailing to turn your plain boring blouse into a fashionable-looking knotted blouse.

Back knot blouse Saree Design
Back knot blouse Saree Design

V-neck blouse

V-neck blouses are so fashionable and trendy that many celebrities and influencers experiment with their sarees in this type. 

V-neck blouses look even more gorgeous with three fourth sleeves for full-on Bell sleeves. These blouses can be paired up with see-through kinds of fabric like a net saree, chiffon, organza, etc.

V-neck blouses with a statement necklace and earrings can complete your look.

These V-neck blouses can be designed with an upper neckline or boat Neckline at the back.

V-neck blouse saree design

Peplum blouse

Peplum blouses look very fashionable and trendy and create a nice Indo-Western look. 

Even if you don’t like to wear traditional outfits and do not like to wear sarees, a peplum blouse can create a nice Western look and make you feel comfortable.

A peplum blouse with a nice print on it and a good flare on the hands and at the bottom can really suit any kind of saree.

Peplum blouses can be paired up with the oxidized Silver jewelry and these look extremely fashionable.

Peplum blouse Saree design
Peplum blouse Saree design

Balloon sleeved blouse

A balloon sleeve blouse can be a good match for chiffon, net, and, organza sarees.

We can see many celebrity and influencers inspired looks to have a pair of their gorgeous sarees with the balloon sleeve blouses.

Balloon sleeved blouses paired up with the oxidized silver jewelry and a nice handbag can complete your look.

You can, even more, define this look with a nice sleek hairstyle. You can even try not putting your hair in a bun or a ponytail.

Balloon sleeved blouse Saree design
Balloon sleeved blouse Saree design

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Shirt blouse

We have seen many celebrities and influences have paired up their sarees with shirts as a blouse till now. 

A saree with a shirt type of blouse can transform the traditional look into an Indo-Western look.

You can also try off-shoulder shirts or cold-sleeved shirts as blouses. 

Pair up with nice oxidized silver jewelry with these shirt blouses. A very nice pair of heels and sunglasses can even transform your look into a trendy one.

shirt blouse for saree Designshirt blouse for saree Design
shirt blouse for saree Design

T-shirt blouse

Wearing a t-shirt is not only limited to jeans and skirts. You can pair your t-shirt with your sarees also. If you are bored of wearing the same old blouse again and again on your saree, then you can try an alternative of wearing a t-shirt on your saree and try a variation of this look.

Not all t-shirts match all kinds of sarees for sure. You have to be careful in trying out the right type of color combinations while trying to style your saree with a t-shirt.

Sleeveless t-shirts also really look nice and trendy with the sarees. T-shirts are more suitable to wear on chiffon sarees. 

Even full sleeve t-shirts also look amazing with certain kinds of sarees. Pair up your saree with nice heels and jewelry to complete your look

T-shirt Saree blouse Design
T-shirt Saree blouse Design

Coat style blouse

We have seen many celebrities and influencers have tried this look. And this look turned out really nice and trendy.

Recently some celebrities have also tried styling up their sarees with denim jackets. Wearing a saree with a denim jacket is a completely new style and can transform your traditional look into a complete Indo western look. 

You can wear nice oxidized silver jewelry or a statement necklace and earrings to complete your look. Also, a pair of sunglasses and heels can make you look even more trendy.

Coat style blouse Designs
Coat style blouse Designs

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