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The inspiring story of NRI Dr. Harshavardhan – Facing Death with Bravery

Dr. Harshavardhan

What if you know that, you are going to die very soon? What will be your reaction and what you will do? Every one of us is fear of one thing that is for sure, death. we all are scared of death until it comes. This is the natural cycle that every living being has a life span to spend their life on this planet, and once it is completed your soul is released from the body.

The human life cycle is just for 60-70 years when the body weakens and your soul tried but that is the end of the life when we know we are going to die. Some people die after completing their life span or some die before due to medical illness after suffering a lot. But once in a lifetime, we all have to face death and fear it. Let me tell you the story of a person name Dr. Yepuri Harshavardhan about facing death with bravery.

Dr. Yepuri Harshavardhan is a 33-year-old general physician from Srinivas Nagar, Khammam City. He sets an example on the face of death. Meanwhile, Dr. Harshvardhan completed his graduation in B-pharmacy and then went to Australia in 2013 for further studies. He completed the Health Management and General Medicine course from Brisbane University and then started working as a doctor in Queensland. In February 2020 Harshavardhan married but in the same year in October, he suffered from health issues.

He underwent some tests, then he got to know that he is suffering from Lung cancer and he was fine after the treatment. But cancer resurfaced in 2022 and this time doctors said that this is not curable this time you have very less time. He knew that he has only some number of days left on Earth.

We all fear death when we know that it is coming for us, to keep aside this fear, Harshavardhan faced the fear of death and informed his family about his condition. He prepared their parents mentally and emotionally for his death. he did lots of things before facing death to secure his family’s future. First, he divorced his wife in the first place and made the proper arrangements for her future settlements. He convinced his parents that he was going to be all right and behaved like everything is going smoothly and well in his life.

Harshavardhan lives in Australia, so he approached a lawyer to get approval for the transportation of his body to his family in India after his death. On 20th March 2023, he visited an ashram where he used to offer his medical services and bid farewell to his inmates by saying that he was going to India. Then he got all the approvals on the 24th of March when he breathed last. Before his death, he spends lots of time with friends in the morning, as he called each one of them and said that he just has another hour of a lifetime to be happy and he wanted to go happily after.

Dr. Harshavardhan’s body was dispatched to India after he passes away, his mortals were brought to his hometown and the funeral has held in the mourning of his family members.

Dr. Harshavardhan is a perfect example of courage and acceptance in the face of death that has inspired thousands of people. His cremation ceremony was held on April 5th in his hometown Khammam City, and his memory will always remain forever and continue to inspire others to face life’s challenges with dignity.

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