The Fascinating History and Story of Hampi


let’s talk about the strong mythological significance that is associated with the city. It is said that the Kishkinda Vanara Kingdom is where Ram and Lakshman had stayed when they headed to search for the Sita who was kidnapped by Ravana. During their journey, there were so many mountains came which still you can see and find the spectacular mountains that are said to be the spots of Ram, Hanuman, Sugreeva, and Bali stayed.

There are lots of special things about Hampi, but one of the first things that come to mind when visiting Hampi is the Hazara Ram temple, the Hazara means Hazarumu, which is a Telugu word that means an Entrance Hall. This temple has many intricate carvings that tell the story of Ramayana in many phases and the many stories’ surroundings, the same. The Hazara Temple used to be a private temple to the royal family of that time, for the king’s families. Let’s talk about the famous temples and monuments of Hampi.

1.Virupaksha Temple– The Virupaksha temple, is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River and is a part of the Group of Monuments in Hampi. And since it is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beauty, and charm of this temple are still eye-catching, and very attractive. The inscriptions on the structure date back to the 9th and 10th centuries. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and this site is one of the most important and visited pilgrim sites in India. When the temple was first built it was small however during the time period of the Vijayanagara Empire, the temple was extended by the different dynasties. The Virupaksha temple is also known as the Pampvathi temple and is situated in the Hampi Bazaar. The most fascinating part about this temple is the amazing three gopuras and also a big high tower that stands tall at 160 feet which is the main entrance. The temple also has an elephant which is called Lakshmi.


2.Vijaya Vittala Temple– The temple is among the many monuments and Hampi attractions, the Vijaya Vittala temple is one of the most breathtaking pieces of architecture. The temple is dedicated to Vittala, which is a form of Vishnu. If you are fond of architecture then you must not miss this temple, this is a unique piece of architecture. The different hallways, gateway, tower, and pavilions make this temple very beautiful and stunning. The Vittala temple was built in the 15th century and many kings who ruled have tried their best to further expand the beauty of this temple, it was because of their efforts and hard work that Hampi is having such a beautiful structure. The major attraction of Vittala temple is the stone chariot, which is considered an iconic structure of Hampi. The temple also has musical pillars that are as iconic as the stone chariot. Each pillar of this temple represents a musical instrument and also serves as the main support for the entire structure. During the rule of the Britishers, they found this suspicious and tried to cut the pillar to find out the reason for what was inside this pillar that produces the sound, but nothing can be found.


3.The Kings Balance- Another great attraction is the King’s balance which is also called Tulapurushandana. It is situated southwest of the Vittala. The King’s balance is just five meters tall which forms an archway-like structure. The structure has been carved from stone, and it is believed by the legends that during the lunar and solar eclipses and also during Dussehra, the King was weighed with gold and many other precious stones. Then after weighing those jewels and golds that were then given away to the priests of the temple. When you are in Hampi, the temple you must visit then, and you will also find three loops that may have been used by the King to hang on the swing and weigh. There is also one portrait or image of the King on one of the pillars. The weighting process is called Tula Bhara which is also today followed in many temples.

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4.Achyutaraya Temple– The temple was built in AD 1534, the Achyutaraya temple is a very basic and classic example of the Vijayanagar style of architecture. The architecture used in this temple is more advanced compared to the other architectural structures situated in Hampi. And it is said that the Achyutaraya temple was the last grand big temple to be built before the empire comes to an end and got defeated at the hands of Sultans. This temple is also dedicated to Lord Vishnu Avatar’s Tiruvengalanatha. The temple is located between two hills, namely Gandhamadana and Matanga Hills. The temple’s garden is lined by intricately carved pillars and the temple also houses an antarala, rangamandapa, and also garbhagriha.


This was all the information about Hampi in two different phases, hope you find it interesting and informative. Stay tuned for further updates.

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