The 7 good things that Britishers left behind for Indians after Independence!

We are living in a country that is diverse in culture. The history of India is wealthy and distinctive ancient civilizations, countries, beliefs, and thoughts. The Indus Valley Civilization placed the foundation for the development and improvement of different towns like Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. A great and long-term effect was made by the Maurya Empire whose most famous king Chandragupta Maurya unite most of India. Chanakya was a well-known adviser of King Chandragupta Maurya who gathered several literary masterpieces. With the coming of the British Eastern India Company and the Battle of Plassey in 1757, the Mughal Dynasty ended and it was the start of British rule in India.

The 7 good things that Britishers left behind for Indians after Independence!
The 7 good things that Britishers left behind for Indians after Independence!

British ruled for over 200 years in India, and they have stolen approximately all gold and wealth from our country. Before British rule, India was called Sone Ki Chidiya, and Britishers have stolen everything we have, even the most precious Kohinoor diamond, which is now in London in Elizabeth’s crown and placed for public display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London.

Well, apart from all this, when the British ruled over the country, they built many things in India meanwhile they are the ones who started education, and schools, and even introduced democracy, the concept of a legislature, and also the modern politics. Wait, let’s read this all one by one in the following article, what Britishers did have left behind after the Independence.

The 7 good things that Britishers left behind

1. English

English Language - Best things Britishers left behind for Indians
English Language – Best things Britishers left behind for Indians

English- Britishers come up with their culture and their National language English and the reason they introduced this language to the Indians. We generally say, the British might have left but they left their culture in India, but whatever says, the English language has opened the doors for us in the world. And presently, English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and we can compete with it now.

2. Indian Railways

Indian Railways - Best things Britishers left behind for Indians
Indian Railways – Best things Britishers left behind for Indians

Indian Railways- if you go beyond then one of the largest railway networks in the world, the concept of trains has been introduced by the Britishers. Most of the central railway stations and their infrastructure have been built by the Britishers. And now, it is the most important and the primary source of transportation.

3. Indian Army

Indian Army Best things Britishers left behind for Indians
Indian Army Best things Britishers left behind for Indians

Army– army refers to the pride and honor of the country, the Indian army was formed at the time of British rule. All the army practices that still being followed since the pre-Independence era. I am guessing that you have already watched the movie RRR, which is quite famous because the movie shows the situation of pre Independence Era, you can see the condition and the situation of that time, the situation like how they treated us, is pretty true. So you can have an idea of how that would be. The Army of that time were introduced by them and is being flowed now.

4. Vaccines

Vaccination- if we talk about the 19th and 20th centuries then there was a time when smallpox became an epidemic and spread across the country, but we did not have any knowledge, and due to lack of knowledge, Britishers knew the situation and it could spread fast if not controlled. They have passed the vaccination act in 1892 to prevent smallpox which is compulsory for everyone.

5. Social reforms

Social reforms– besides anything, the biggest contribution of the Britishers was the removal of social practices like untouchability, child marriage, women’s education, and all other practices like that, Not only did they ban such cruel inhumane practices, but they also promoted a widow’s remarriage. Just imagine what India would be if such practices still existed, we could not even take a breath in the country and we could be a part of such things. British passed many acts to eliminate such social practices, and many social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy also supported the Britishers in the cause.

6. India Census

India census– they started census in 1871, the census is taken once in 10 years to collect the statistical data of gender, religion, caste, age, occupation, and education of the population meanwhile, overall population data. As of 2011, the Census of India has been conducted 15 times.

7. Surveying India

Surveying India– they also introduced the geographical survey of India, in 1851, the institution surveyed villages, and cities, and made maps of India. Many places still use the same maps which were made during the British time. Using many advanced surveying instruments, the Britishers surveyed every inch and part of India which helps in creating maps.

Apart from what they have stolen from India, they also have worked on the country to make the better India. Britishers ruled for over 200 years, and finally, our country got freedom in 1947 from the British rulers. You know that our India previously been called the Sone Ki Chidiya, because we had a lot of gold but all the gold had stolen by the Britishers and nothing left behind, even the most precious Kohinoor diamond has been stolen, which is now in the London, on the Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

There is always been a rich history in our country and also the most ancient. If you remember the freedom fighters, they fought for our country to set us free from British rule and they were cruel, they tortured us in every way, in every possible way they could have done. By establishing the East India Company, they took the door of the country. Even before the independence, the Britishers divided our country into two parts, India and Pakistan…if the Britishers weren’t there then the country Pakistan still be part of India.

Well, the division of the country was a big decision, and it led happened the riots throughout the country, people are filled with hate and they became thirsty for each other’s blood, and the brother was turned against his brother. Everywhere you see, there were cruel riots between the Hindus and Muslims and that was the time, from where the Hindu Muslim stuff began, before that the person of every religion used to live happily with others, like the brothers and sisters.

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