Telugu YouTuber’s claim of entering Mecca sparks row

Telugu YouTuber’s claim of entering Mecca sparks row

The Telugu YouTuber Ravi Prabhu that he visited a mosque in Saudi Arabia and violent the law of Saudi Arabia rules which do not permit a non- Muslim to enter the Grand Mosque. The citizens of Saudi Arabia calling for action against him for violating the rules.

Telugu YouTuber's claim of entering Mecca sparks row
Telugu YouTuber’s claim of entering Mecca sparks row

The You tuber Ravi has over 6 lakh subscribers on his channel and is the first Telugu YouTuber to enter Mecca. The YouTuber Ravi Prabhu recently claimed in a live chat that he entered Mecca. He even showed a photograph, which shows him standing near the holiest mosque with hands raised in the plea.

In another proof or in a video clip, the traveler revealed that at the entry point to Mecca he was asked to recite some Quranic verses and when he recited the same, he was allowed. However, You Tuber’s claim kicked up a row with some people in the country questioning his action and even demanding Saudi authorities take some action. Ravi stopped answering any questions about his claim about the recent Mecca visit.

But some of the netizens of Saudi country said that his action was not proper and legal. Another person commented that he may face imprisonment for 8-10 years. Another person said that he may face death in Saudi Arabia for entering Mecca in violation of rules. A Twitter user has tagged Saudi authorities while demanding action against Ravi for allegedly using a fake Muslim certificate to enter Mecca and also posted a video of the traveler’s claims.

An Israeli journalist managed to sneak into Mecca. Gil Tamary of Channel13 also violated Saudi rules to enter the holy city. A Saudi citizen is reportedly facing an accuser for claiming involvement. Ravi, an Indian American who also claims to be the most traveled Telugu YouTuber. He has posted videos of his visit to various countries on his YouTube channel and claims that he has visited 187 of the 195 countries.

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