Telugu speaking people tops NRI population in the US!

The United States is the topmost preferable country for Asians to settle there. No wonder Asians make up the major share of the population who migrate to the Super Power Nation. A recent survey had found out that compared to the other ethnic groups, people with Indian roots are more in the United States, the land of opportunity.

As a crackdown on the statewide population from India who reside in the United States, Telugu Americans are more in number in terms of the NRI population, which is the highest for any state. The population is taking both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana into consideration.

According to the survey that was conducted to know the state of origin of Indian Americans in the United States, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana combinedly make up 14 percent with 10 and 4 percent respectively.

However, Gujarat also has 14 percent of the population living in the United States. The state alone is 14 percent in the index. Both groups hold the highest percentage of people living in the United States.

Telugu-speaking Americans can be seen living in the areas like San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Northern Virginia, central New Jersey, Texas Triangle, Chicago, and other cities. Talking about the population, around 43 lakh people of Indian origin reside in America.

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