Telangana’s first overpass eco-bridge for wild animals on NH-63

Telangana government is constructing the first overpass eco bridge for wildlife seen abroad on national highways that pass-through forests and are coming up on the Mancherial-Chandrapur route on National Highway 63 in the Kagajnagar forest area. This eco bridge is constructed to allow wild animals to cross the road safely.

Telangana’s first overpass eco-bridge for wild animals on NH-63
Telangana’s first overpass eco-bridge for wild animals on NH-63

Like the normal bridges we have, unlike that, overpasses look like a forest path with grass, and there will be a lot of greenery on both sides of the bridge. This type of eco bridge is the first time come to Telangana state. The Wild animals pass over the structure and Vehicular traffic on the road under it runs smoothly.

There are lots of o tigers in that area that are roaming around, tigers generally passing through that route to migrate from Maharashtra to Telangana. The route of that forest is an ecologically sensitive area. However, this ecological bridge route will be useful so that they do not block vehicles while crossing the road.

The NHAI is constructing this bridge of up to 1km range. The Telangana Forest department said that the construction cost of the bridge is Rs, 30 crores and the work is in progress. And it should be completed in the next 6 months, as per the current progress. Whereas NHAI is taking care of civil works, and the forest department is coordinating the structural design, environmental aspects, site identification, and implementation works. 

Hence, the bridge is constructed as per the guidelines of the Wildlife Institute of India and also environment-friendly factors are being followed while constructing the bridge. 

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