Telangana Congress MLA is to join BJP

Telangana Congress MLA is to join BJP

Telangana: MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, who is the MLA of the Congress party, from Telangana, now finally decided and make up his mind to join the BJP and switch his loyalties to the BJP.

Telangana Congress MLA is to join BJP
Telangana Congress MLA is to join BJP

A member of the Telangana Legislative Assembly from Munugodu, finally made it clear about his resignation and the by-election are certain. The senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, under the direction of the Congress leadership, had invited Komatireddy to New Delhi for talks, but the rebel MLA ignored the invite and issued a statement.

Further, Rajagopal Reddy announced that he would be sounding the war bugle against the corrupt and family rule of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. He vowed to set free from the control of Telangana Rashtra Samithi- TRS and the KCR family, who he claimed had accumulated a huge wealth or vast fortune and driven the state into a debt spiral.

Rajagopal further said that he would not compromise on his mission to set free Telangana from the rule and the corruption of Telangana Rashtra Samithi. And responding to the allegations against him, he said his aim was not to serve his own interests at all. 

On a clear note, that he will soon be joining the BJP, his decision was welcomed by all including the people of Munugode, the rebel MLA said. The Telangana legislator said the efforts to form a people’s government would start from Munugode.

He also said the next election will be between the Kouravas and Pandavas, and the chief minister and his money-distributing army will face a huge defeat. He also added that he accused KCR of deliberately ignoring the development of Munugode ever since he was elected. He claims that the government was knowingly not completing the SLBC and Brahmana Vellamla projects after they know everything.

He also said, last year he was ready to resign from his post if the State government worked to fulfill the desire or needs of Dalits, STs, BCs, minorities, and other sections. And said, he is not someone who goes back on his words after saying something. Stated that it is only BJP who can beat the TRS.

After, The Central leadership of the Congress party took serious note of his remarks but then avoided taking any strong action on that. The leadership had asked Digvijay Singh to hold all the talks with Rajagopal Reddy and convince him to stay in the party.

However, by avoiding the meeting he said clearly and made up his mind that he will quit Congress and join BJP.

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