Tamannaah spotted on a dinner date with her boyfriend

According to recent reports, Vijay Varma and the Bollywood actress Tamannaah Bhatia have been aught together for dinner. The buzz is spreading across social media that Tamannaah and Vijay are dating each other.

The couple has been rumored for dating each other ever since they ring in the New Year together, even the couple was spotted kissing as shown in one video which went viral previously. Later on, many times they both have been seen together for lunch or dinner frequently and on some occasions. And now, again the couple were caught together for dinner.

Vijay and Tamannaah were greeted by the paparazzi after their evening dinner, the actress was wearing a white top and Vijay was seen wearing a casual checkered shirt and pants. The couple waved at the photographers with beautiful smiles, they dint shy away. Their fans and media are hoping that they will soon announce the status of the relationship officially.

Previously, when rumors buzz around of their dating, the actress denied the rumors and said, it was just they both worked in a movie together. Even Vijay had also denied the rumors with a cryptic post when the media spotted them together on lunch.

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