Stylish Suits for Women: A Complete Guide to choose a Trendy One

When talking about suits, most of them are seen in a business women’s wardrobe. In the early 19th century, these suits are worn by businesswomen with matching skirts and jackets. Nowadays, these suits are seen in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only these suits are worn for business purposes but also worn for any type of daytime activity. Suits are made up of a variety of fabrics which include tweed wool, silk, and rayon, and are worn for any kind of occasion.

During this 19th century, in the time following the general trend, these suits were very simple with the skirts without complicated tailoring. Suits usually hung straight from the waist to just below the knee to varying lengths. The most versatile garment for this is the matching jacket for the suit and the also wide shoulder of the suit.

The Suit with Patchwork | The Colorful Suit
The Suit with Patchwork & The Colorful Suit
The Suit with Patchwork & The Colorful Suit

The White Suit | The Separate Suit
The White Suit & The Separate Suit
The White Suit & The Separate Suit

Laid Back Slouchy Suit | The Oversized 90’s Suit
Laid Back Slouchy Suit & The Oversized 90’s Suit
Laid Back Slouchy Suit & The Oversized 90’s Suit

The Occasion Suit | The Loud Suit
The Occasion Suit & The Loud Suit.png
The Occasion Suit & The Loud Suit.png

Design of the suit:

Tailoring of the suit was done with shoulders to look broad and square, necklines mostly used a deep V-shape, to make the blouse or neck visible, flaps on the front of a coat while are folded back to the chest, and three buttons to make it look stylish.

History of Women’s Suit:

During the Indian Revolution in the 18th century, suits came into the world of fashion. This emergence of suits into the world changed the formal clothing of heavy embroidery work clothes and jewels. People needed a more comfortable version of this suit in the early 19 century, and so, the modern suit with comfort came into existence. In this century only suits first became acceptable by the society for women. In the 19th century, European women have worn these suits with long skirts
for riding, archery, and walking. After a long, they became the trendsetter and were adopted by every woman for everyday wear. They were specially designed to provide women comfort and social respect.

The Necessity of women to wear Suits:

Women fought for gender equality with the men for a long ego and achieved it. In the same way, they got the freedom and power of wearing an outfit according to their choice. From business and red carpet to day-to-day life, these suits became the most necessary outfit for women. Wrapping a stylish suit creates a look of a well-groomed appearance and allows her to be confident in any situation regardless of the formal setting. It also compliments the women’s body shape to look fit. The length and width of the suit should be chosen to match the shape and height of the woman. They can gain the surprised looks and good comments from others, can take the life more serious and build their lifestyle according to their choice, creates their brand of look, gives fantastic service to everyone, they have broken down the gender equities.

Why to choose suits as a trendsetter for women:

Women’s life mostly spent on making decision to choose an outfit to wear. Many of their outfits are controlled by society and family. But now, there are no such harsh situations for women. They are in a position to choose their lifestyle. We should keep on going by connecting with friends and family for restaurants, dating, etc. These suits help women thrive at a party, office, dinner, or museum. When worn, they will never make you let down. You can dress up them with an ultimate range of
sandals, handbags, and belts for any occasion. Working in a professional atmosphere allows you to look more professional in your work with these suits when perfectly matched with skirts or pants. Working women generally prefer suits for their interviews, all you need to be is more conservative in choosing these suits with the suitable colors and look fashionable.

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Guidelines to be followed in choosing a suit:

  • Always make your choice conservative
  • In a condition to sit and work, always prefer a skirt that covers the knee
  • Make sure to show your legs not higher than the knee
  • When you face an interview, make sure that your suit is buttoned all time
  • Always prefer neutral colors like brown, black, and navy which are dark in color.
  • To make a good impression at the office, prefer wool, cotton, or other synthetic fabric types of suit.

Types of Suits:

Up to date, there are a variety of suits exist across the globe. Here, listed below are some:

1. The Suit with Patchwork:

The most advantage of this patchwork suit is, that you can pair up it with any type of outfit.
Patchworks suits are not only stylish but also affordable at lower prices and are a great choice for
every woman to look their best.

2. The colorful suit:

Women are always in dilemma in choosing a perfect color to match their skin tone. So, for them, this
colorful suit is the best option. This suit enhances your lifestyle and gives you strength in standing
hard situations. Any type of skin tone can dress up with this suit with confidence.

3. The White Suit:

Everyone prefers white as their first choice in clothing, as white adds more professionalism to their
life and makes them look stunning. They can be paired with any color of the skirts, jeans, pants,
bottoms. Add advantage with sunglasses and a skinny belt.

4. The Separate Suit:

Sometimes these suits hide the beauty of jackets and pants worn inside them. And so, to elevate their
beauty, these separate jackets are to be preferred as jackets and pants need to look beautiful on their
own. The advantage of this suit is you can always have something to wear with any kind and color of

5. Laid Back Slouchy Suit:

This is the experimented new fashion look suit with light, dark, and colorful options. They are more
comfortable to wear in and out of the office. These suits can be worn in the morning and at the night,
as evening wear and casual wear, and in a bar.

6. The Oversized 90s Suit:

The name itself is indicating the oversize, meaning a loose-fitting suit. They are unique in style and
were simply dressed down. This suit is a must-have and an iconic item in everyone’s wardrobe
which gives a dynamic look.

7. The Occasion Suit:

This is the formal type of suit which can be worn on any kind of occasion. This suit gives you a look
of neither too dressy nor too casual, no matter the type of event or occasion you are attending. It
reflects your formal look and status.

8. The Loud Suit:

This type of suit is preferred when you want to describe your attire, especially a piece of clothing in
bright colors and patterns. This suit makes you look more formal when combined with a sweatshirt
and sneakers. It can be suitable on any occasion.

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